Meghan Markle plans to pay tribute to Lilibet Diana

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry It has been more than a year since they left’La Firma’. The couple achieved some stability in California, and although tensions with Windsor continued, the truth is that they did not seem to have a significant impact on their daily lives. The couple recently welcomed their second daughter, who they named Lilibet Diana in memory of Queen Elizabeth and the prince’s mother of Wales Diana. Although there are hardly any details about the birth of the little girl, it seems that, despite the initial belief, The couple plan to baptize her in Santa Barbara, So the royal family is unlikely to see her in the short term-at least in person.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have just become parents for the second time/Gtres

In addition to issues related to Lilibet, what is known is Meghan Markle You plan to replace the most important item in the jewelry box.Prince Harry should have inherited the engagement ring Diana of WalesBut this is left in the hands of Guillermo, because the first to get engaged is the Duke of Cambridge, because his wife will one day become the queen. In a symbolic way, one of Madame Di’s most special jewels is always close to the crown.For this reason, it is Kate Middleton Who wears an amazing diamond and sapphire ring, and Meghan Markle has a ring designed by Prince Harry himself. A gold jewellery worth more than 140,000 euros, inlaid with three diamonds, a main diamond and two other appendages belonging to Diana.

Meghan Markle’s Ring / Gtres

However Duchess She later updated the ring with a thinner ring, which was inlaid with her, Harry, and Archie birthstones (peridot, emeralds and sapphires). However, it now appears that a new change has to be made.

Megan has modified her ring once / Gtres

Megan wants to add Lilibet’s birthstone: pearl or alexandrite. Melissa Willets of The List said: “The first version of the ring had a gold ring. Although it was popular with many brides, Megan chose to change it. The new engagement ring debuted at Trooping the Color in 2019. According to Marie Claire Said that the band was formed to pay tribute to the couple and their son Archie. The birthstone of the trio, peridot, emeralds and sapphires, are all integrated into the lower part of the band.”

It is not clear whether Megan decided to modify her ring to include Lilibet Diana But everything shows that it will be like this. We hope to see you soon.

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