Meghan Markle after winning the last trial: “Now we are brave”


Meghan Markle He smiled for a few hours with good reason.This is his previous victory in court United Press Limited (ANL), A publishing group that runs British tabloids, such as Daily mailFor several months, some British newspapers have opened fire on the Duchess of Sussex, and they have used various strategies to shoot at her. Or at least justice is understood this way. in, Post a letter from Megan to her father Thomas.

Meghan Markle/Getreis

Everything was settled on December 2 this year, when Judges Sir Jeffrey Voss, Lady Victoria Sharp and Judge Bean dismissed the last appeal. Mailed on sunday, Who challenged their verdict in a London court. The three judges believed that the content of the letter “is personal and private, and does not contain matters that are in the legitimate public interest.” Likewise, they promised that there is no need to disclose it in five articles, and in such an expansion-it contains 585 of 1,250 words-Meghan Markle and her lawyers have always insisted that “the purpose is confidentiality.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry/Gtres
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry/Gtres

British Prince Harry’s wife celebrated the victory. She issued an official statement welcoming: “Today, the court once again made a ruling in my favor, which shows Mailed on sundayOwned by Lord Jonathan Rothermere, in violation of the law. The court has held the defendant accountable, and I hope we all start to do so. Because, Although it may seem a far cry from your personal life, it is not. It may be you tomorrow. These harmful practices do not happen once, they are daily failures that divide us, and we all deserve better,” he began.

The battle started in 2019, using his Leave the royal family Moved to California with him. I got so much wear and tear today: “This is not only a victory for me, but also a victory for anyone who has ever been afraid to stand up for justice. Although this victory is a precedent, Most importantly, we are now courageously reshaping the tabloid industry collectively This makes people cruel and benefits from the lies and pain they create.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry/Gtres
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry/Gtres

Finally, Meghan Markle pointed out, “From day one, I have regarded this lawsuit as an important measure of right and wrong. The defendants regarded it as a game with no rules. The longer they dragged on, the more May distort facts and manipulate the public (even during appeals), turning a simple case into an exceptionally complex case, resulting in more headlines and selling more newspapers; a model that rewards confusion rather than truth. In the past three years, I have patiently faced deception, intimidation, and planned attacks.

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