Megan Rapinoe standing with 15 Spain women’s team players: I’m 16th, we should all listen


megan rapino remains perhaps the biggest name in women’s football and she jumped in to support 15 Spain internationals who pulled away from the team after Luis Rubiales rejected their attempts to become a coach Jorge Wilda fired.

A huge story surfaced on Thursday night saying as many as 15 players had written to the Royal Spanish Football Federation – RFEF – asking. wildadismissal because his tenure affects their emotional state and health.

However, the RFEF hit back at the players and denied their demands, stating that it would “not allow players to question the national coach’s succession”.

“These types of maneuvers are far from exemplary and go beyond the values ​​of football and sport,” RFEF said. “The adoption of such decisions is not within their authority.”

Megan Rapinoe’s Instagram post in support of the 15 players who left the Spanish national team. PHOTO: Instagram (@mrapinoe)

Rapino supports 15 players from the Spanish women’s team.

Conclusion to Instagram, rapino stood next to the protesting players.

“You are number 16 in the United States.” rapino posted in her story.

“To have so many players together like this is very powerful. We all need to listen.”

Who are these 15 players?

  • Ainoa Vicente Morasa
  • Patry Pebble
  • Leila Wahabi
  • Lucia Garcia
  • Mapi Leon
  • She Batlle
  • Laia Alexandri
  • Claudia Pina
  • Aitana Bonmati
  • Andrea Pereira
  • Marion Kaldentey
  • Sandra Panos
  • Lola Gallardo
  • Nerea Eisagirre
  • Amaius Sariegi



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