Meeting of French Speaking Associations in Florida in September 2021 Courier of the Americas

Here are some meeting announcements and some information about Florida associations that we noticed:


Associations serving the French can apply for project grants through the French consulate through the STAFE system. To do this, you must submit an application by October 15:


French Film Festival: Unfortunately, several French films have postponed their official release (it doesn’t end!), Patrick Gimenez and his team have not been able to complete the program for this year, despite attempts. The festival is therefore postponed again to November 2022. Francophones (and their friends) appreciate this autumn festival, which was in the fourteenth edition in 2019!


There will be no “French weeks” this year either, but since 2020, “Miami Live” is scheduled for November 16-18 with about forty meetings on doing business in Miami, which should take place almost exclusively. On the Internet (and if the health situation allows it, maybe live!).


The traditional “big coffee meeting” at the beginning of the school year organized by Miami-Accueil will take place on September 23 at 9:30 in Coral Gables: everyone is welcome.


The Alliance Française de Miami Metro is hosting an online meeting with novelist (and academic) Dominique Bono on September 9 at 2 p.m.

It’s free for Alliance members and $ 10 for others.

Dominique Bona. Photographic credit: Esby (talk). CC BY-SA 3.0,

“Creating a Franchise in the US: There is a Secret to Success”

This is the topic of a free webinar held on September 1 at 12:30 by the French-American Chambers of Commerce FRAMCO (Tampa Bay) and FABCO (Orlando), who achieved a nice partnership after the first webinar was co-organized by a bakery in the United States. This time it will be possible to discuss with already installed franchisees.



The FRAMCO Chamber of Commerce holds monthly meetings in the Tampa Bay area. Among other things, on September 28 at 6 pm you will be able to participate in “speed networking”.


Eighteen French-American chambers of commerce in the United States are holding their first “business summit,” Continuum ’21, “on September 21 and 22. It will offer ten discussions, with more than 40 important professionals from France or the USA, which will evoke a large number of interesting topics for leading companies working in or with the United States. It’s $ 25 for CCAF members or $ 50 for non-members.


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