Meet the father and mother of Natasha Jonas, Terry and Esther Jonas


Meet the father and mother of Natasha Jonas, Terry and Esther Jonas

Terry and Esther Jonas, the parents of British boxer Natasha Jonas, attended the London Olympics to show their support for their daughter. Her father was the one who initially bought her into the sport.

Her parents are delighted with the fact that she recently won the WBO female junior middleweight title, which she achieved in February 2022. Also, the girl, at 38, was the current WBC female super welterweight. champion.

Natasha, who was the first female boxer to represent Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics, comes from a large family in Liverpool and is well aware of the importance of her fast-paced family and friends.

Natasha Jonas

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Meet the house of Natasha Jonas

Natasha Jonas is one of the three young people that Esther and Terry Jonas have had. Her mother’s name is Esther and her father’s name is Terry. Her mother has not lacked confidence in her daughter’s talent as a boxer.

Due to her father’s enthusiasm for the game, Tasha had her first style of boxing at a younger age. He was more of a tomboy who liked playing soccer with the boys more than playing with dolls.

As a baby, he used to accompany his father to the boxing gym, where he not only watched but also participated in his exercises.

Although Jonas was well versed in the art of fighting, she wasn’t too excited about pursuing a career in that field. She was an excellent soccer player for the Weatherhead in Wallasey club, which was affiliated with her university.

After sustaining a knee ligament injury that required him to wear a leg brace and ended his hopes of playing football, he decided to return to boxing.

Natasha revealed in one of her Instagram posts that both her mother and grandmother instilled in her the importance of family and urged her to fulfill her goals with all her heart. Esther faced several challenges as she attempted to raise her children. In an effort to meet the basic needs of her household, she took on three jobs.

Natasha’s mother claims that whenever she has engaged in some action with her children, they have never succeeded until they achieved their goals in a real way.

While Jonas was competing for Olympic gold in London in 2012, her mother expressed that she was happy with her daughter and wasn’t afraid to watch her compete. According to the Liverpool Echo, both her father and mother were present in the audience to cheer her on when she made her debut as an Olympian and entered the boxing ring for the first time.

Esther revealed that even though Natasha’s father had been more lenient with her, their children had achieved success through their own efforts or professional failures and learned simple ways to cope with defeat.

The fighter’s mother does not remember a day when her daughter did not seek excellence in everything she tried to do. Esther revealed that her daughter offers everything she has, including her whole heart and soul, to whatever she does.

Who is Nikita Parris?

Nikita Parris, sister of Natasha Jonas, is a Manchester United footballer.

Both Natasha Jonas and Nikita Parris, who is her equivalent twin sister, are believed to be two of the most recognizable players on Merseyside.

In addition, there are two brothers who can be part of this household. Her mother introduced her four children to a neighborhood that is considered part of the inner metropolis of Liverpool.

Nikita has been a striker for Manchester United Girls’s Soccer Club, which competes in the Girls’s Super League. She also is related to the England national team.

During the years 2018 to 2020, Natasha’s older sister held the record for the most goals scored in the history of the Women’s Super League.

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Biography of Natasha Jonas

Natasha Jonas, born June 18, 1984, is an expert boxer from the United Kingdom. Since February 2022, she has held the WBO women’s junior middleweight title. She received the WBC Women’s Super Welterweight Championship on September 3, 2022 and has held it ever since. She has been the IBF light middleweight champion since November 12, 2022. As a rookie, she competed at the 2012 AIBA World Championships and received the bronze medal in the lightweight division. In 2011, she received the bronze medal in the soft welterweight division at the European Championships, and in 2014, she received the silver medal in the same division at the European Championships.

Natasha Jonas Rookie Profession

In 2005, Jonas began boxing, and by 2010, he had won five ABA championships while competing for Liverpool club Rotunda ABC in the 64-kilogram division.

She made history by being the first female boxer to play for Great Britain Boxing in November 2009. In the same year, she defeated Csilla Csejtei of Hungary in the rest of the 64-pound class at the Women’s European Union Beginner Boxing Championship. 2009. , which had been held in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. This victory earned him the gold medal within the 64 kilogram division. Jonas received another gold medal at the inaugural GB Newbie Boxing Championships in 2010, when she defeated competitor Amanda Coulson by one point in a thrilling match in front of her supporters at Liverpool’s Echo Area. Fans from Jonas’s house cheered her when she received the gold medal.

World Championships Newbie Boxing Affiliation for Girls, AIBA 2012

She became the first female British boxer to qualify for an Olympic Games when she reached the semi-finals of the 2012 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in May 2012 in Qinhuangdao, China. After that, she went on to bring the bronze medal and a place in the 2012 London Olympics to Liverpool with her.

The 2012 Olympics

Jonas made history by becoming the first female boxer from the UK to compete in an Olympic event. In the round of 16, Jonas boxed Quanitta Underwood of the US. Jonas received 3 of the 4 rounds she had boxed in and she defeated Underwood with a rating of 21:13. Katie Taylor, four times world champion and who carried the Eire flag during the Opening Ceremony, will face her in the quarterfinals due to her victories. The final score was 26:15 in favor of Taylor over Jonas.

The personal life of Natasha Jonas

Before returning to the UK to pursue a media research degree at Edge Hill College in Lancashire, Jonas spent eighteen months in the US at St. Peter’s University on a football scholarship where he initially intended to practice a career as a soccer player. . [Citation needed] She worked for Liverpool Metropolitan Council for a total of five years and mentored the Youth Sport Belief for a total of four years, during which time she helped promote sport and healthy living to school children.

Nikita Parris has an older sister by the name of Jonas, who plays soccer. In many types of media.

In July 2012, Jonas appeared alongside Tom Stalker and James Dickens in the documentary titled “Knockout Scousers” which was produced by Channel 4. The documentary followed Jonas as he traveled to the Czech Republic and China in his quest for Olympic qualification. . . Jonas also counted the production.
The boxing and soccer careers that the Toxteth twins have pursued have resulted in appreciable success for them, even if the Toxteth twins have gone their separate career paths.

Each of the sisters who work in modeling has been extraordinarily important in breaking down limitations and changing the way of thinking. The sisters at the same time achieved international fame because they had been repeatedly motivating and supporting each other to make the best of their talents.

The victory over Austria that the Lionesses won under Nikita’s stewardship ensured that they would be able to participate in the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

Boxer Natasha Jonas is the current junior middleweight champion. Here are ten interesting facts about her. Natasha Jonas, who was born to her parents on June 18, 1984, is currently 38 years old.

When he was younger, he always accompanied his father to the boxing gym, where he first learned sports activities.

Ester, Natasha’s mother, worked hard to provide a good education for her children, combining three jobs.
He began his career representing England in under-18 soccer competitions and earned a scholarship to play in the United States.

At first, she was part of a planned football team under the name of Kingsley United. This squad was based on her sister Ella Parris.

Natasha Jonas
Natasha Jonas

Natasha Jonas knee injury

After a knee ligament injury required him to wear a leg brace, he decided to give up his football career.

During Natasha’s first Olympic match in 2012, both her father and mother attended to cheer her on and give her support.

Nikita, who is her twin sister equivalent, was recognized as the 2019 FWA Women’s Footballer of the Year.
Following in the footsteps of her sister Nikita, one of the many Lionesses, Natasha set her sights on a serious match to be held in Liverpool on September 3, 2022, after being impressed by Nikita’s achievements.

When Jonas was just a few months shy of his 21st birthday, he fully dedicated himself to his boxing profession.

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