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Get to know Chris Hickman, Nicklin Hames’ “boyfriend,” and her parents, Christine and Jason Hames.

Jason as well as Christine Hames, Nicklin Hames’s parents, are always present to support their daughter as she competes. They don’t miss an event and never miss the chance to cheer on and encourage the team.

Hames is an experienced, professionally-trained volleyball player in her home in the United States who competes in NCAA Division I for the Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball team. When she first arrived in Nebraska after the end of the 2017 season, there were high expectations for her to succeed as the team’s setter, Kelly Hunter, who had been crowned national champion twice before.

Head coach of the team since 2000 is John Cook. He has been an excellent mentor to her throughout this period. This is like the master-to-apprentice relationship the character Hames has with her ella coach de ella John during John Cook’s Star Wars movies. Under the direction of the three-time captain, the Huskers won two national championships and advanced all the way to the elite eight at the championship at two different times.

Hames was the head coach of Nebraska for a period of four seasons and quit the school as the top assist leader of all time. In her freshman term as a high school senior in 2021, she averaged 10.86 assists. She also had 3.29 digs and 0.57 blocks in a set. This was enough to earn her an all-tournament squad as well as the distinction of Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Austin Regional.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nicklin Hames
Age 22
parents Jason and Christine Hames
relationships Chris Hickman (Boyfriend)
Height 5ft 10in
Weight 70kg
net worth over $1 million
profession volleyball player
Team Nebraska Cornhusker
Instagram @nhamesss

Nicklin Hames Parents

Nicklin Hames comes from a family that has an extensive history of accomplishments in volleyball. The K2 Volleyball Club was established by her parents, Christine and Jason Hames, who were also the club’s first coaches.

Hames’s dad, Jason Hames, has been an assistant coach on a volunteer basis for the University of Tennessee as well as currently serving in the capacity of director as well as coordinating recruitment for the K2 organization. K2 organization Hames is a part of the K2 organization. Ella’s mother of her daughter, Christine Hames, was a member of the Australian national team and also played for Oregon State University as a setter in the collegiate setting.

She is unable to express to her loved ones how content she is in her home. She has an extravagant life according to the posts she shares on social media sites because she often travels and loves life to the fullest. On Father’s Day in June 2016, Hames shared a photo of her childhood de ella with Jason, her dad de ella. Jason.

Furthermore, she can be seen having an enjoyable time with her two active siblings. She has a lot in common with her sister Ella, as her younger brother Elijah is involved in both baseball and football, and her sister Ella Kayleigh is also an active volleyball player. In all likelihood, they will all be able to develop a passion for sports due to the passion and dedication their parents display for sports.

“K2 Volleyball Club” “K2 Volleyball Club” is the “Dream Project” of Christine and Jason Hames.

They own the Louisville Volleyball Club, which is located in Louisville, Tennessee, and their goal is to introduce young or younger players into the game of volleyball by giving them skills that are challenging and difficult, with the hope that these players will one day be capable of competing at the highest levels of the game.

Based on the information posted on the site of the club,, the name “K2” is derived directly from Mount K2, which is located within Pakistan and is a component of the Karakoram range. It is the second highest peak in the world, just behind Mount Everest, which is situated in Nepal. Even though it’s the second-highest in the world, it is believed to be one of the most hazardous.

Based on the information available on the website’s homepage, “Much like the mountain, the time spent at K2 can be demanding and tiring.” However, the outcome is a memorable experience that is filled with memories that last for the rest of your life. “

Parents are facing a hard time deciding which of their daughters’ NCAA Tournaments they’ll go to watch. Like any similar situation, Jason and Christine Hames were forced to decide between watching Nicklin or Kayleigh Hames play in the postseason, but instead they chose to watch them in Omaha.

Nicklin Hames’ boyfriend is Chris Hickman.

Nicklin Hames and Chris Hickman, her boyfriend, have a deep and romantic relationship. Hickman is a member of the Nebraska football team, which is a team that plays American football.

In her Instagram account (@nhamesss), with 41.9k followers, Hames frequently uploads photos of herself as well as her boyfriend. The month of May this year is the latest instance when she shared a photo on her Instagram account of her partner, Chris. The pair were casually dressed in jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a cowboy hat. She was sporting a pink one-piece swimsuit.

It is believed that they began dating in 2020, after their first image together was posted on their social media accounts. But, they didn’t divulge any details about the start of their relationship.

Hames has uploaded a couple of pictures on Instagram in which he’s photographed alongside other people. The specific photo from March 2017 she shared on social media alongside John Morrow gives the impression that she was in a relationship with John Morrow at the moment. The people who commented on the article believed they were real and expressed their wish that their relationship would be a lasting bond.

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Chris Hickman’s Biography Chris Hickman

Nicklin Hames' boyfriend

Chris Hickman Jr. was born to parents Chris Hickman Sr. and Mary Anderson on August 17, 1999. In August last year, Chris Hickman Jr. turned 22 years old. older.

Hickman is expected to graduate from the college in December with a degree in child, youth, and family studies, which is his main area of ​​study. His involvement in volunteering has helped those participating in the Nebraska Football Road Race as well as the hospitals that are located in the region.

According to 247Sports, the young man is among the top 3 potential players to play for the University of Nebraska, and he is also regarded as one of the best tight end players in the country. Hickman was part of the Bulldogs’ varsity basketball team in his junior and sophomore years, during which he played the game.

Hickman was one of two members of the Omaha Burke team that triumphed in the Class A state championship. In 2019, I have signed an agreement with Nebraska. It was his decision by him to decide whether to accept Nebraska’s offer or one of the numerous offers that he was offered, such as the ones that came from Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas State, Minnesota, and several others. He was on two lists: the Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll in 2020 as well as the Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll in 2022.

What’s Nicklin Hames’s height?

Nicklin Hames is taller than Nicklin at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). It is the standard height of college athletes in Division One of the NCAA.

In similar fashion, the Nebraska athlete weighs in at 75 kg. Despite this, she has a huge personality for someone of her size de ella, which is distinct from other athletes. She was born in the state of California on the 18th of January 2000, making her 21 years old at the time. Nicklin was a student at her school, the Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and was awarded her diploma.

Additionally, she received her master’s degree at a university that specializes in the research of adolescents, children, and families. She has a mother named Christine Hames, who was an instructor for her as her high school days began. Nicklin was awed by the efforts of her parents de ella, particularly in the field of sports, saying, “I was able to see their impact on the lives of young girls as well as on the general community.”

Nicklin was part of the team at her high school, beginning in the eighth grade and going on to graduation. She was an outstanding player at both the batting position as well as the setting position at Webb School, where she ultimately won five state titles. Over the course of five years, she was awarded the Most Valuable Player title for the state championship four times.

She was picked to a US national team that played with Argentina at the Junior World Championships U-18 in the summer of 2017 prior to her first game with the Nebraska volleyball squad. She had the privilege of working under Cook’s supervision. According to Hames, the entire team that is around Cook is motivated to keep developing and learning because of the growing mindset that Cook has.

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Nicklin Hames’s net worth as of 2022

The volleyball player, Nicklin Hames, who is aged 22 and playing professionally, is predicted to be worth less than one million dollars.

Unfortunately, Hames is not included in the list of Best Toppers among the top 10 most well-paid female volleyball athletes in the world. Hames was selected on the Honor Roll of 2022’s Spring Nebraska Scholar-Athlete. Her annual pay from her would range between $45,000 and $60,000. However, this information has not been made public. She’s only 22 years old and still has a long way to travel before she reaches her full potential.

As time passes, it is likely that she will be offered a revised and more favorable contract. Perhaps? Maybe one day she’ll be on the list of the highest-paid female volleyball players in the world. For starters, Hames already has sponsorship from one of the biggest brands in the world of sports, Adidas. Her her Instagram bio has her #TeamAdidas hashtag “# TeamAdidas,” which she chooses to use.

It is reported that the American pro-level indoor athlete Gabrielle Reece tops the list of female volleyball players with the highest earnings, with an annual income in the range of $1.8 million. Reece is a professional player in America. in the United States. Courtney Thompson, on the other hand, who was selected as a member of the All-Tournament team for 2005’s NCAA Championship, earned $400,000 annually.


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