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GIG Mobility (GIGM) is a technology-based mobility company founded by Legend of the Great (formerly GIG Group)) Announced appointment Enahoro Okhae serves as CEO of GIGM.

God is a good motor

Enahoro Okhae The company’s purpose will be inspired while focusing on building a culture of agility and innovation that fosters a positive response to emerging trends, changing market conditions and the dynamic needs of consumers in the digital age.


With 16 years of senior leadership experience working with leading brands, in his new role, Enahoro will take the company’s position to a new level of growth while building a consistent team with disruptive production thinking among GIGM’s diverse trainees .

“I believe GIGM GIGM is ready to leave its founders and take practical steps to strengthen our purpose of delivering innovative and disruptive products and building a capable and productive workforce, something we at GIGM are committed to.

Enahoro brings unquantifiable experience to this role and will bring more value to all stakeholders through effective leadership and advocacy.


“I’m delighted that we were able to bring him to bear on GIGM’s long-term vision in this new role,” said Chidi Ajaere, CEO of Greatman Legend. In addition to appointing a new CEO and expanding its senior leadership team, the mobility-based company is focused on building technology-focused solutions to facilitate shared ownership of GIGM with customers and simplify day-to-day transactions.

A recent innovation is the deployment of a self-check-in system powered by technology.

Talking about his new role, Enahoro said: “Technology is critical to positioning GIGM as an industry leader, and technology will be a prerequisite for the company to continue to lead the industry.”

A key feature of the digital age is a customer-first character, with a particular focus on bespoke services. This new allocation will focus on implementing future-proof business strategies, while integrating more lifestyle features into the GIGM app, enabling users to “do things freely while moving freely.

The CEO also used the opportunity to share his vision with the public as he took over the leadership. He said: “Mobility goes beyond movement; it’s about the ability to move easily and unhindered independently of channels; land, rail, water, air or virtual/augmented reality.”

People should be able to do things freely while moving freely. This is the new revival of GIGM and the cornerstone on which we will embed more lifestyle features in our existing customer applications. “

Enahoro Okhae
Enahoro Okhae

Enahoro also revealed that he will address the pervasive challenge of maintaining high service delivery standards, which can hinder business growth if not addressed at the root.

GIGM is already executing strategies to enhance the company’s value, product and impact, and as a team we are concerned about this new chapter in the GIGM story. “I’m excited to continue developing meaningful products that create value for users while empowering me,” he concluded.


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