Meet Fernando Arribas, the biological father of Manuel Velasco


this week Concha Velasco After they walked for more than sixty years, they said goodbye to the stage. On this day, she once again demonstrated her professionalism and accompanied by the person who loves her most, Manuel Velasco. Mother and son not only have a wonderful emotional relationship, but also a professional relationship, because this young man is the author of the last two works explained by Concha, funeral with Mary’s room, He has already said goodbye to the theater.

Concha Velasco and her children Manuel and Paco / Gtres

Unlike his younger brother Paco, Manuel inherited his mother’s passion for the world of drama-although he prefers the less conspicuous parts-but also inherited from his father.Although it was Concha’s husband Paco Marsó who raised him as his son in March last year The identity of the biological father is known Young people.

Information that could be considered one of the great secrets of Spanish cinema before that was revealed by Concha Velasco herself during her tenure Saturday deluxe: Fernando Alibas Campa, Cinematographer and winner of the Goya Award for Best Photography God language.

Fernando Alibas
Fernando Alibas is the biological father of Manuel/Guterres

actress He explained in that show that he had never said his name to “protect his privacy”, but after his death on January 24, he decided to take a risk. Concha Velasco said that she fell madly in love with Arribas when she got married. «I like Fernando very much, but he was already married at the time, When we shoot L36-year holiday. She loved so crazy that I told her to get married. In view of this, he told me that he cannot get married because he is a married man, which makes me feel bad,” he revealed.

Despite this, the actress is pregnant, which is something she is trying to carry secretly. «I concealed my pregnancy, but I fainted Keep scrolling. I even thought about abortion, but on the set I said from the table up and down, I have this kid»Although she was initially worried, Concha was very supportive of her, “My family is very happy to hear this news. We are very close.”

Paco Masso, Concha Velasco
For Manuel, his father is Paco Marsó / Gtres

Soon, Paco Marsó entered his life, and he did not hesitate to raise Manuel as his son. “I told Manuel that his biological father was Fernando Arribas, and he told me: My father is Paco Masso», Acknowledging the actress, who also made it clear that the relationship with Fernando Alibas has been very good. In fact, the last four Christmas days before his death were spent together. “I really miss him”, Definitely affected, stating that although

On the other hand, she wanted to point out that Marsó was “a bad husband, but a very good father”, and after his death she decided that she would never meet any other men again. A promise he has always kept.

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