Meet ‘Cashmere Decoration’, the decoration company that celebrities like the most

No one doubts that social networks have become the perfect showcase when it comes to choosing decoration or furniture for our home. Day after day, influencers and celebrities manage to take the perfect photo without leaving their homes, but for these snapshots to be perfect and successful, the details become very important and in this post we will help you get them.

Wedding / Kashmir decorationcashmere decoration It has been crowned one of the best companies in recent months. And it’s not for less, then its team offers a comprehensive furniture rental for all types of eventswith a wide catalog where there is room for all tastes: from household items chic also others bohemian and carefree. In fact, on the brand’s website, they claim to have “the most complete catalog available in Spain, constantly renewed and updated, giving wings to event organization professionals in their creativity and assembly”. And it is now easier than ever to make a tailor-made event thanks to companies like this, where the primary goal is to ensure that customers can enjoy the celebration in the purest style influencer: “We put care and attention in the choice of materials, maintenance and assembly of each event. After 20 years, we continue to rent the best material for events with the same enthusiasm as the first day and always with a goal: to create experiences that the participants will never forget.

Wedding / Kashmir decorationOn their website we can already see that the rental service has great detail: furniture, kitchen equipment, lighting, decoration, LED furniture, unique objects, textiles or air conditioning, among others. In each of these alternatives, an even greater range of alternatives opens up where the furniture and the various possibilities they offer are the main characters. In addition, the site also offers a section intended solely for wedding shows through pictures how some marriage links have proven to be dreamlike thanks to the help of cashmere engagement party decorations ideas. In these wedding events a very elegant style dominates. take it easyone of the most sought after lately based on outdoor candy where bright colors, naturalness and simplicity prevail without neglecting the harmony of such a special date.

The reception of the company has been that in their social networks they already have almost 10,000 followers and support from some of the most famous faces on the national stage, including Nagore Oaks or Virginia Troconis. In addition, through their Instagram, they have taken the opportunity to share some of their most outstanding results, with Christmas events as the main characters of recent weeks with checkered prints, bows, holly and of course red and green colors.

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