Medvedev got into a fight with his coach… And his coach left the court


Downs the set (6-1) and immediately after losing an innings at the start of the second set, Daniil Medvedev turned to his coach in the stands.

Medvedev he was beside himself with rage, and everyone could clearly see his rage.

However, the disappointment and bad manners of the Russian did not tolerate Gilles Servarawho, without hesitation, left the hall, tired of the attitude of his player.

This is not the first time a reigning world No. 1 has behaved in this way, and it is not the first time a coach has left the stands in response.

The same thing happened at the last Australian Open 2021 when Chervara again left the player alone after he yelled at him during the game against Filip Krajinovic.

Medvedev’s fortune has not changed

In this case, after losing in the third set and losing 4-1 in the fourth, the departure of the coach served as motivation for the Russian, who eventually won the match in the fifth and final set, although this did not happen this time in the Halle Final against a solid Herbert Hurkach.

Excluded from Wimbledon due to being Russian. Medvedev he has yet to win a grass court title this season after losing two straight finals in just seven days.

After losing Tim van Reithoven, Medvedev you suffered another defeat in the decisive match.


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