Medium high left heels that you can go to the office with


Jute sandals are a base in our wardrobe during the spring and summer and now Lefties presents us with a completely renewed version. These types of sandals have always been flat or plateau, but why not wear them as heels? It’s one of the star suggestions from new Lefties collection for this seasonand for us, it seems to be a good alternative to be able to wear heels without giving up comfort.

High-heeled sandals are great for special occasions. But in our everyday life, to go to the office or go for a walk, we need heels that are comfortable for us. Thanks to new left sandals in the spring and summer we have the opportunity to wear sandals with heels and feel as comfortable as if we were with shoes.

With braided front strap and closure with tensioned ankle strap, they are natural in color and the heel is 6.5 centimeters high. Although it may seem a bit loud, the truth is that it is very convenient because it is a block type and also it is made of jute.

at the time of combine the sandalsWe have many opportunities within reach. If we want to play safe and not risk too much, we can bet on jeans in culotte style and one White shirt. Why culottes? Because it visually lengthens the legs, the silhouette slims and hides the wide hips.

If we prefer to go one step further, we can choose one shirt midi long with some nice print for this time of year, floral or tropical for example. If we have a work meeting in the office, we can also combine the heeled jute sandals from Lefties with a long skirt and a blouse.

We are convinced that the sandals will be a big seller in the world Lefties online store In the coming weeks. And that’s it, it’s not easy to find a shoe that combines elegance, style and comfort so well.

Also, they are good for the price, for just € 19.99. They are available from numbers 35 to 41. We can also check the availability in our nearest Lefties store. As soon as we put them on for the first time, they will surely become our favorite shoes for this season. We can get a lot out of them because they combine very well with everything.

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