Medicare Part C coverage: open enrollment ends December 7


Tonly a few days left in Fall Medicare Open Period, the deadline is December 7th. While your 2021 plan will more or less automatically renew for 2022, experts recommend revising your terms and conditions during the open enrollment period to ensure that your 2022 service and costs are what they should be. …

During the fall enrollment period, you can change your Medicare plan and even upgrade to Medicare Advantage Planwhich is also known as Medicare Part C… These plans are operated by private companies that have been pre-approved by Medicare, and they often provide the best coverage, but now is the time to switch.

When does the Medicare open enrollment period begin?

The fall Medicare enrollment period began on October 15th and ends on December 7th, which is the next Tuesday.

Thus, there is not much time left to sort out your plan. In the US, this will be one of the main tasks of this weekend.

What happens if you miss the Medicare open enrollment deadline?

Many Americans will forget the Medicare open enrollment deadline and realize they didn’t do so until early 2022. As of mid-November, about two thirds of beneficiaries had not yet revised their health plans.

If you miss the Medicare open enrollment deadline, there are several circumstances where you may still be able to switch or leave a plan. Exists Medicare Advantage Open Membership Period (MAOEP) January 1 through March 31, when those already in Medicare Part C may make some changes. Medicare also has several special enrollment periods for seniors who need to change their coverage as a result of serious life events.

However, the best time to review your Medicare situation is right now, before the Tuesday open enrollment deadline.

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