Media nostalgia for decentralized autonomous organizations


What DAO media misses

New York Times: ” Reality invades utopian crypto vision. “Bloomberg:” The Next Crypto Bankruptcy Could Be Spelled as The DAO. ” protector: ” Is a blockchain-based DAO really a utopian revolution?

It seems every week another established media outlet echoes the arguments of defenders of the status quo financial system, who fear and distrust the economic opportunities that will be unlocked through the power of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). While these publications are correct in acknowledging the difficulties of the DAO’s early development, when it comes to the DAO’s impact, the misunderstanding is that the trees don’t see the forest.

Isfandia Shaheen is the founder and CEO of Wagmi Labi Inc.Previously, Asfi managed private equity firm Cyan Capital, served on the public company boards of Engro Corporation and Engro Foods, helped create the Towershare cell tower, acquired by the edotco group in 2017, and co-created plans to deploy fiber optic power lines as resident entrepreneurs facebook company (NASDAQ: ).

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