McEnroe: I’ve never seen anyone like Nadal


Tennis legend John McEnroe was full of praise for Rafael Nadal after the Spaniard managed to win both the Australian Open and Roland Garros this year at the age of 36.

No player has more Grand Slams than NadalWith Novak Djokovic having achieved 21 major titles since winning Wimbledon a few weeks ago.

“I’ve never seen anyone like [Nadal]” McEnroe told Tennis365.

“I thought Jimmy Conners I tried until I saw Rafael Nadal, This is madness. And this is the greatest quality he has, by far.

“I mean, this guy is an incredible player, we all know that. strive, but it is very difficult to do.

Otherwise everyone would be doing it. That is, you say, well, go to Nick Kyrgios and say, “Go and make an effort, you will be #2, #3 in the world.” Well, if it was that easy, I think he would. But you know, it’s not like that for him.”

Back in June McEnroe discussed differences in approaches Nadal as well as Djokovicexplaining that the latter has openly confirmed that he wants to be the player with the most Grand Slams in history.

“Well, these are completely opposite approaches,” McEnroe then told the BBC.

Djokovic openly talks about the desire to have as much as possible [Grand Slam singles titles] as well as Nadal acts like nothing matters but to go out and put effort into every point and every match.

“It seems to have worked out pretty well for both of them, if you look back on history and how many grand slams they’ve won, so whatever makes you happy and brings out the best in you is probably what you should be doing.”


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