Mbappe: This is Ines Law, the transgender model with whom he has a relationship


Since his rise to fame for goals and fantasy dramas, Kylian Mbappe He’s used to living in the spotlight forever. Much has been said about him in his native France. If he’s the victim of witchcraft, if he goes out with one woman or another, if he doesn’t have a good relationship with his partner Neymar Jr.. Decided to refuse to play for Real Madrid, a team that has no It’s impossible to sign him with success. However, in the final hours, his private life is very interesting, especially the most sentimental parts.

French and Italian media agree that Mbappe could have Ines Lawfor those who don’t know her, is the first transgender model to pose for a magazine playboy. In addition to this, it is a symbol of the LGTBI + Q community.

Model Ines Rau, at the event / Gtres

Ines Rau was born in France 32 years ago, despite her Algerian ancestry. She is a multi-talented woman as she is an actress, activist, model and influencer. In his social network, he has amassed a total of 875,000 followers who will not forget the details of his footsteps. At 16, she felt trapped in her body and underwent gender reassignment surgery. In fact, in 2018 he published a book called Miss In it, she details how she went through this process that changed her life forever, with the aim of being an inspiration to others.

The information linking the star to Ines Rau comes from some images taken last summer. The two met while vacationing on a yacht and showed great complicity. They have been closely watched since then, with media in neighbouring countries recently corroborating the rumours, concluding that Mbappe and the model have embarked on a relationship that they proceed with the utmost discretion.

Since they also attended the last Cannes Film Festival together, this isn’t the only time they’ve been away together. Users who have always been keen on social networking did not miss the opportunity to highlight this moment. Looking at the image, it gives the impression that they are all very comfortable next to each other.

Will it be confirmed soon?


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