Mbappe fears for Real Madrid

TSummer transfer window closed without Kylian Mbappe posing in real Madridfamous white shirt. Los Blancos tried everything, even the € 200 million bet on the day of the deadline, but Paris Saint-Germain It was clear that for them it was not about money.

They did not want to sell him, although the player believed that the club would open the door for him in the last year of his contract. Both Real Madrid and Mbappe believed that 200 million euros would be sufficient.

But now real Madrid We’ll have to look into 2022, because when they get their man, then in a free transfer. From January 1, 2022, it will be available for discussion and signing of the contract, which will begin on July 1.

High pressure

Mbappe now have to live the next four months without renewing the contract for PSG… Considering that he has already turned down five offers, it’s not hard to imagine. PSGhowever, will do their best to update it so that they can keep their Lionel Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trident.

The attacker will have to hold on to and resist the pressure. On Wednesday, it was reported that he was giving up the French club for 45 million euros a year.

On a sporting level, their design is difficult to improve and they will be fighting for every trophy this season and their forward strength is likely to be overwhelming force.

Durability of the dressing room and stands

Mbappe You also have to be strong under the pressure of your teammates. Other players on PSG want him to stay and be in his ear whenever possible. The fans, meanwhile, whistled to him when they introduced the team this season.

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