Mayweather named the five best boxers in history, not counting Tyson and Ali.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. so sure that he placed himself at the top of a list of the five best boxers in history, in which he eliminated fighters such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

He didn’t even mention Ali.

During his participation in Fat Joe’s podcast “Money” surprised with his statements not to put himself first, but that forgetting boxers like Ali, who is considered by many to be the best in history, or Mike Tysonwhich marked an era in the heavyweight division, in the decade of the 80s.

“We have to go with Money Mayweather, we have to go with Pernell Whitaker. I will go with Roberto Duran, man, you put me in a difficult position, ”said the American fighter.

Larry Holmes vs Tyson

He then mentioned Larry Holmes and Aaron Pryor, and when asked about the former, he said that he beat them all and faced the best.

“As far as heavyweights, if we’re going to be heavyweights, I’m going to be honest, I have to go with Larry Holmes. He beat everyone in his time when Larry Holmes was beaten by Mike Tyson, he was beaten by a hungry young champion, and he came out of a year of retirement age and was beaten by Tyson,” he stressed.

Floyd also noted that Holmes was good in his career from start to finish, plus he turned out to be smart outside the ring and now enjoys it.

“I have to say that Larry Holmes mastered the fundamentals, he had the jab. He is now living a great life because he made a smart investment. He was good from the very beginning of his career to the end,” he said.

Floyd Mayweather was scheduled to fight Don Moore in Dubai this Saturday, but the death of United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan forced the fight to be rescheduled.


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