Mayor of Palma assures that the city is clean for tourists


The socialist mayor of Palma, Jose Hilafirst mayor of the fifth dirtiest city in Spain, ensures that for tourists the capital of the Balearic Islands is cleanaccording to surveys conducted by the Municipal Water and Sewer Corporation (Emaya) during the last tourist seasonwhose result was presented this Friday at a press conference by the councilor for the environment, Ramon Perpinya.

In the purest style of the polls prepared for the government of Pedro Sanchez by the President of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), Jose Felix Tezanos, East surprising statistical survey -which contradicts what Palma entities of all kinds and conditions have expressed month after month about the lousy municipal cleaning service- shows that more than 90% of tourists surveyed by Emaya from June to September, they value this aspect in a satisfying.

In view of these results, even the mayor Perpinyà considered it necessary “to avoid triumphalism” and “continue to work and fight against incivility to improve the state of the city”.

In all, 1,000 surveys were carried out with visitors on the state of cleanliness in the center, in Playa de Palma and Cala Major, during a summer where the criticism of dirt of the Balearic capital have been a constant as the representatives of the hotel association of Playa de Palma pointed out last October.

Specifically, according to Perpinyà, tourists would have been asked about their perception of cleanliness in relation to the general condition of the street, the cleanliness of the sidewalk, garbage cans, vandal graffiti, container terminals and beaches.

In each case, they could rate the situation as very good, good, regular, bad, and very bad. The investigation team has unified the responses into “satisfactory” when “very good” and “good” were answered, and the rest of the responses were considered “unsatisfactory”.

Also, the results were, according to the socialist councilor, “very positive” so much so that more than 90% of those questioned considered that the state of cleanliness was satisfactory.

Perpinyà defended that the greatest satisfaction of tourists was with the condition of the containerswhich for 90% of those questioned was perfect, and the perception regarding the 2021 results has even improved regarding the vandalistic graffiti that invades the streets of the center of Palma and the cleaning of the sidewalks.

In this regard, let us recall that last July the Association for the Revitalization of Old Centers (ARCA) denounced the existence of vandal graffiti in Palma made for more than four years and that the town hall did not clean up, going so far as to launch a specific campaign in the face of the passivity of Emaya, whose motto was Graffiti done, graffiti erased.

Regarding the cleanest or dirtiest areas and neighborhoods of Palma, Perpinyà concluded that there are no significant differences between the results of the surveys in the center, Playa de Palma and Cala Major, therefore , according to the socialist president of Emaya, the whole city is just as clean.


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