Mayor Maya believes Na+ will work “in the same way” throughout the legislature


Pamplona (EFE).- The mayor of Pamplona and vice-president of the UPN, Enrique Maya, said on Tuesday that his party’s decision to stand alone in the elections should not “confuse the work” of Navarra Suma in Pamplona . The relationship will continue to be “the same, great”, he appreciated.

Maya described relations between the UPN, PP and Ciudadanos advisers as “excellent” and is confident that they will exercise government responsibility “without any problem”, as he indicated in statements to the media .

“I haven’t had the opportunity to be with them (Carmen Alba and Fernando Sesma), but I will be there and the relationship will be cordial without any problem,” he added. The coalition’s record is “excellent, very, very good. The personal relationship has been magnificent and the work has been excellent”.

The president of the UPN, Javier Esparza (i) and the mayor of Pamplona, ​​​​Enrique Maya, during the press conference in which they announced this Monday that the formation will stand alone in the next elections. EFE/Inaki Porto

Maya who has not yet decided if he will be the UPN candidate for mayor of Pamplona and, despite the fact that Javier Esparza said this Monday that the decisions had to be made before Christmas, the mayor will continue to take his time: ” I’m still taking my time and will probably comment on it after Christmas, but normally evaluating many aspects. The decision is not postponed, I said around Christmas,” he explained.

On the justification of going separately to the May elections, the mayor assured that “the Ley d’Hondt is Machiavellian, going together does not always mean more councilors or more parliamentarians. We have analyzed our polls and it is better that we go there alone. The natural thing is that a party functions autonomously, the coalitions are the consequence of a precise moment, of a particular situation. At the time I think it was good to go together and now we have decided that it is better to go separately.


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