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It might just be automotive Stockholm syndrome, but after 15 years of testing vehicles, including a large percentage of crossover SUVs, I’m ready to say: crossovers aren’t that bad.

Yes, I know, if I’m okay, you’ll be asking me to blink twice, but listen to me.

First off, I’m still a roaring sports car fan, but let’s face it – even in boom times, sports cars were a small part of the market.

Second, I am a down-to-earth bearer. To be clear, I’m not implying that I’ve given up on this position. I still find sedans, especially midsize sedans, do the job for many drivers and their families.

Nor am I here to say that crossovers are better than station wagons (of which there are very few), minivans, or body-on-frame SUVs. Trying to argue which car segment is the “best” would be a wild urge.

I’m just saying that for all the crap we car enthusiasts and journalists throw at crossovers, maybe only a fraction of it actually makes sense?

Again, I get the argument that vans and minivans are probably more useful than crossovers, which exist because for certain age groups (especially millennials and most (if Not all) Gen X), vans and minivans are written unfairly. It’s not cool to like. do you know? I wouldn’t claim that crossovers are “better” in terms of practicality, driving dynamics, or even fuel economy. Generally speaking, they are not.

But I’m starting to understand the call. Most crossovers look better than most minivans, and while some are sexy (looking at you, Jaguar XF Sportbrake), most don’t make me look at them the way Homer Simpson looks at pork chops.

Fuel economy, or at least range if not mpg, is generally acceptable. I’ve lost all hope when it comes to sporty driving – very few crossovers can do this, and even fewer can do it without spending too much – but big Most cars are good enough. Most are comfortable and most cargo is handled well. I can understand why people with what marketers call “active lifestyles” and/or people with too many passengers and/or pets like them.

Crossovers just offer a balance of versatility, and some even look quite stylish.Minivans don’t usually look cool (apologies to our resident van fan Matt P.), while vans Box Turning around, too many people didn’t.

Don’t get yourself wrong. I mourn the decline of midsize sedans as much as anyone, and I believe sedans can do more to transport cargo and passengers than most people realize. I still believe that midsize cars have a place in the world, and unless practicality forces me to do it, my next day will almost certainly be a midsize or compact sports sedan.

I still wouldn’t say the crossover is better one The choice of most buyers. But if we were to be stuck in a cross-border world, it could be even worse.

[Image: Lincoln]

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