Maximum concern for Belén Rodríguez after her “blunder”


The fact that Belén Rodríguez has brought to light the loan she made to Kiko Hernández has had harsh consequences. Since that moment, little by little she has been breaking all her relations with the universe. Save me to the point of not knowing what his whereabouts are now. Her collaborator was intimidated when her colleagues tried to contact her by going to her house, which is why she decided to contact the police and end their linkage on the small screen.

Since then, absolute silence. While well-known faces such as Jorge Javier Vázquez, Belén Esteban, Kiko Hernández or Terelu Campos have spoken about her friendship with the communicator, she has chosen to move away from the media focus to try to heal what she already considers a “gaffe”.

Has been informalia who has given the latest news about Belén Ro, contacting a source close to television, who has revealed that she would not be going through her best moment. “His economic and emotional situation is very delicate” or “She never thought she would look like this. Alone and destroyed”, have been some of the headlines of the aforementioned medium. Apparently, several of his colleagues think that now karma is paying him back for all the evil he has done. The woman from Madrid has been left without her job and, apparently, without the circle of friends that have accompanied her for so many years through her television career.

“She is devastated. She would never have imagined that since Save me they will put all this together. They were his friends, with whom he stayed on weekends, with whom he has gone on a trip. For the daughters of one of them, she is her aunt ”, the source reported to the aforementioned outlet, referring to Belén’s almost familial relationship with the daughters of Kiko Hernández, with whom it has been speculated these days that she could be in love her. Well, it seems that all that glitters is not gold. Now, the collaborator has broken all kinds of bridges with the Fuencarral chain and is going through a most unfavorable economic situation. She has communicated so informaliawho ensures that his income was limited to his appearances in the Deluxe and in debates on Telecinco, such as that of survivors. But not everything stops there, because Ro’s has not only been a job loss, but also sentimental, since he considers that his close friends have all turned against him.

According to the source cited by the digital, the collaborator would be “crushing” with her words, emphasizing that she does not have the mental strength that she seems to have on the small screen. However, in a war against Doña Adelaida’s daughter, perhaps Telecinco would have a lot to lose. “She knows a lot about all of them. As she starts talking and telling things about those she considered her friends, including the directors, they could regret what they are doing to her ”the source has sentenced the previously mentioned medium.

Belén’s betrayal of María Teresa Campos

The last to pronounce on the situation has been Terelu Campos. After the “blunder”, the collaborator confessed that she understood and respected the decisions of her partner, but that what she was not going to ignore was the betrayal of her mother. “He warned the press about the food at my mother’s house. I am disappointed, ”she assured. And it is that, although the Campos have always spoken wonders of Belén Ro, for a while they have been with the fly behind the ear. Apparently, they received information that the collaborator was the one who called the media to photograph Kiko Hernández arriving at María Teresa’s house at her appointment with Alejandra Rubio and Rocío Carrasco. An attitude that Terelu has described as “betrayal” and that she has not been able to forgive.


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