Mavis Staples Said She Could Knock Out Boxing Fan Bob Dylan ‘With 1 Swing’


Bob Dylan has sparred with champion boxers and has his own gym, but that does little to impress Mavis Staples. She and Dylan used to date — he even wanted to marry her — and they toured together in 2016. After years of knowing Dylan, Staples joked that she didn’t think she would have any trouble going toe-to-toe with him in a boxing ring.

Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples | Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Paul Natkin/Getty Images

The ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ singer owns a boxing gym

Dylan has always been a fan of boxing. Early in his career, he even said he aspired to be a referee for the sport. While he hasn’t moonlighted as a boxing referee, he did open a members-only boxing gym, where he once sparred with professional boxer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.


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