Mavericks beat 76ers with magical triple-double of Luka Doncic

TueWe were all looking forward to the matchup between the two most dominant players in recent memory. NBA history when Philadelphia 76ers visited the Dallas Mavericks in American Airlines Center. What we never expected was to see such a one-sided duel between the two stars. When the first half started, there was a strange moment at the end when Luka Doncic noticed something strange in one of the disks. As it turned out, he wasn’t perfectly balanced and his replacement delayed the game forever. 45 minutes. When basketball returned, everyone was looking forward to the show, which would last past midnight in Dallas. Luke I knew he had to put on a show, and that’s exactly what he did. It really was a party for the ages, more like a party for those who visited the dome.

Doncic was so adamant to deliver to the people who had been waiting so long that he even decided to dunk the ball twice. Until this point in the season, Luke only dunked the ball once. But as soon as he provoked the crossover, it was he who finished the job with a beautiful two-handed dunk. Doncic even stayed there a bit to linger for pictures. Not long after, Doncic did it again with one hand, but in an even wilder manner. Nobody could believe what they saw. Joel Embid played well, but it was Luka Doncic show far. By the end of the fourth quarter in Slovenian the young man made a triple-double with 30+ points and moved up to 10th place in the overall standings. Keep in mind that Luke You received 44 triple-doubles already 193 Russell Westbrook seem far away, but Doncic was only in NBA for three and a half seasons. Let it soak in. mev won this one comfortably 107-98.

What’s next for the Mavericks and 76ers?

After the clinic from Luka, Dallas Mavericks have a comfortable record of 30-23 and will play Atlanta Hawks at home next Sunday. v Philadelphia 76ers still safe with a 31-21 record and will hit the road tomorrow to face Chicago Bulls on Sunday. It’s hard to figure out what the former is real Madrid child does in NBA. By the end of his career, he has every chance of becoming not only the greatest foreign player in the history of the league, but also one of the greatest players of all time. Despite the fact that this is only his third season in the NBA, few experts dispute this claim. “Quiet” night for Doncic with a triple-double of 33 points, 13 rebounds and 15 dimes. In addition, reaching Top 10 triple-doubles of all time on its fourth season here. It’s just obscene…


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