Matt Lafleur wants Aaron Rodgers to stay with the Packers until he retires


TOafter Green Bay Packers“an amazing 13-10 defeat by San Francisco 49ers In the divisional round of the playoffs on Lambo’s cold field, there was a lot of speculation about whether it would be a star quarterback. Aaron Rogers“Last game with the team that had the best record in the entire NFL regular season.

Everyone in Green Bay wants Rogers back.

However, according to Packers head coach Matt Lafleur, in Green Bay, the unanimous intention is to see Rogers in green and yellow for the 2022 season.

“We are all on the same wavelength,” Lafleur said. “There are no debates.

In the last offseason, Rodgers expressed a desire to be traded to the Packers, but it is not known if his desire will remain that way or even choose a pension.

“Today I sat down and talked to Aaron for quite some time. You know, I think we’re all a little numb to the situation right now,” LaFleur said. “I would say that what we talked about, I will definitely keep between ourselves, but we hope that he will return next year, obviously. I mean, this guy has done so much in such a long time.” a period of time for this organization, for this city, for this team. And so, I want to respect his process, what he needs to go through in order to make the best decision for himself, and, of course, we will love him be a packer and be a packer until the day he decides to retire.”

Lafleur is unaware of Rogers’ intentions

LaFleur’s remarks were made at a press conference on the future on Monday. 38 year old defender who failed to beat the 49ers in the playoffs four times in his career.

“I just want to do everything in our power to try to get him back here and make sure he agrees with the direction of our football team and that we can continue to be successful here and again, try to find a way to get us kind of over this hump so that we can reach further and further and further,” said LaFleur. “Obviously, at the end of it all, only one team is happy, and until we Lombardy TrophyI don’t think we’ll ever be happy with where we are.”


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