Matilda’s “favorite” Prince Gabriel was admitted to one of the most exclusive centres in the UK


Prince Gabriel D of the BelgianGo further. The second in line to the throne, they say Queen Matilda’s favorite, Already eighteen years old He will leave his hometown to start a new stage, just like his sister Princess Elizabeth or other royals, such as Alexia of the Netherlands, Christian of Denmark, or Eleanor of Bourbon.

The Belgian Royal Family in File Picture / Gtres

After completing his studies at St. John’s Birchman College in Brussels in 2019, the Duke of Saxony enrolled at the International Business School, where he had just completed his final years as a bachelor’s degree.Now, on his eighteenth birthday, the royal family announces that Gabriel will Start studying at the National Academy of Mathematics and Science, One of the centers The most unique in the UK. This is a school known for cultivating young people into top universities, which specialize in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.Currently Unknown occupation Gabriel, but it is likely to apply to one of the branches. In fact, a few weeks ago, Accompanying father to a demonstration flight of military aircraft It was there that the media pointed out that the prince might be considering following in the footsteps of the monarch, He is an airplane, helicopter, and paratrooper pilot.

A few weeks ago, he accompanied his father to a demonstration flight of a military aircraft / Gtres

Very cautious, Gabriel is very close to his motherWho knows that Princess Elizabeth usually gets all the attention and always pays special attention to her. The prince is a young athlete who loves hockey and is a member of the Boy Scouts and several charitable organizations.

Since I entered the center in September this year, until now Participate in preparatory training. A curriculum that includes different subjects such as mathematics, science, engineering, and technology, as can be seen on the school website, “for students who are ready to receive academic training in one of the subjects.”

There is no doubt that it is a huge challenge for the young prince Face the biggest fantasies. A sense of affirmative sharing Princess Eleanor, He is also packing luggage for Wales.There he will study a very special high school, where he will meet many peers, but he must also stay away from his parents Reyes Felipe and Letizia and his sister La Princess Sophia. Although the British Isles are very close, the center does not allow weekend trips, so they must be separated until the Christmas holidays. As mentioned above, many other members of the royal family, including his father, are facing challenges.

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