MasterChef Celebrity 6: Salaries of contestants


Current version Celebrity chef Left a good impression on the audience. The good data it is harvesting confirms this.The installment payment last Monday gathered 19.6% of the viewers in front of the screen, which means that more than 2 million viewers are waiting for the adventure Juanma Castagno, Terrilu Campos, Mickey Nadal, Veronica Foqua And company.

No matter how much success he has accumulated, talent As the salaries received by the contestants leaked, cooking has become news in recent days. It all started with Verónica Forqué’s comment that after winning the first challenge of the night, she pocketed 4,000 euros and she had to donate it to an NGO of her choice. The versatile actress wants to know if this will increase her weekly salary.

How much does the contestant charge Chef celebrity 6? TVE’s Transparency Portal wants to answer this interesting question.The average salary of each contestant for each show is 15,000 Euro, An amount that can vary slightly up and down.The total budget of the chain’s kitchen space is 1,490,000 Euro, Data provided by the portal TV station.

Company Secretary of the Board of Directors Alfonso Morales (Alfonso Morales) detailed the huge amount of money received by the kitchen participants: the total number of games is estimated based on the number of participants, the number of episodes and the elimination rate.” The salary is quite high, But much less than 30,000 euros, for example, to pay survivor.

Verónica Forqué, in the MCC / Gtres presentation

Latest show Celebrity chef There are a few surprises.The first of these is an accidental visit Boris Isagire, The third edition finalist. His charm left a good taste in the mouths of participants.Another anecdote is Golden apron go through Veronica Fogg. Because of the eccentric and compassionate character, the interpreter is becoming the soul of the game, despite the bad temper when leading the exam. Of course, her good job and knowledge will keep her staying for another week without being eliminated.

Arcano, at'MasterChef Celebrity 6'/ TVE
Arcano, at’MasterChef Celebrity 6’/ TVE

There was another double expulsion last Monday: Acano with Ivan Sanchez They left the kitchen Chef. This is a challenge they will never forget: «This is a victory. I come from not knowing how to cut onions or even how to make an omelet. Many times he set up barriers for me and said, “No, you can’t do this”, came here and let me grow into a person in a more or less dignified way, and understand that I can improve myself every day. Celebrity chefs It gave me an open mind and saw that I was capable of doing things that I thought could not be imagined,” the rapper commented.

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