Master jewelers restore Notre Dame’s stained glass three years after the fire


On April 15, 2019, the cathedral was engulfed in flames. Notre Dame of Paris. The spire of the temple and the roof collapsed. Fire cause serious internal damage. But in the midst of so much destruction these crystal jewels they become unexpected fire survivors. yes, smoke darkened in its original colors. And now, three years after the disaster that shook the Parisians and the whole world.

BUT a team of up to eight specialized houses in the jewelry business, it was proposed to restore the stained glass windows of Notre Dame to their former splendor. “We are facing two types of damage caused by the passage of time in some crystals that were set more than 150 years ago, and then by dust and smoke particles that were left behind during the fire,” explains artisan Flavi Serrier from his workshop in the city of Troyes, to south of France.

Work is progressing slowly as the restoration process is underway. 39 stained glass It is carried out with careful care, which includes careful filing of the surface and processing it with a cotton pad dipped in water and alcohol. So that these majestic 170-year-old works can continue to contemplate the future of pilgrims with a clean and renewed eye.


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