Massimo Galli: From Italy’s leading virologist to accused of tampering with college games


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What is unimaginable Massimo Gali, Professor, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases Milan Sacco Hospital, Do I want to appear in the Italian news space these days, not for informational issues related to the fight against the pandemic? coronavirus, but reason judicial. Within a few weeks after retirement.

Gary is very famous among Italians, and his opinion is one of the most authoritative and listened to in the country. expert exist virology. due to Covid-19 crisisThere is rarely such a day when their explanations will not occupy some information space in the country’s television, written media or radio in the form of boots.

However, last Tuesday, it was known that Massimo Galli, a virologist, and 33 others — 24 of whom were university professors — were accused of involvement in the so-called virus system. By hand From competition people Used to select university professors and researchers Milan State UniversityIt is believed that the suspected fraud was carefully planned to allow candidates closest to the professor and members of the selection committee to win in the open competition. Give the same many times as other candidates, without fraudulent support, they have more titles.

The defendants in connection with the National University of Milan are: Pirangira Jufreda, Professor of Biomedicine; Riccardo Gidoni, Professor of Health Sciences; Alessandro Ennio Giuseppe Punetti, Professor of Medical Biotechnology; Sandro Sonnino, Former professor of medical biotechnology; Claudia Mocheni,researcher; Pietro Alevi, Professor of Biomedicine; Christianity Perota,researcher; Antonella Dell Favorite, Professor of Pathophysiology and Transplantation; Christianity rum, Professor of Pharmacology; Titiana Borsello, Professor of Pharmacology; Antonio Schindler, Professor of Biomedicine; Manuela nebula, Professor of Biomedicine; Francesco help, Professor of Biomedicine; Ji’an Guglielmo Zehende, Professor of Biomedicine.

The Milan Prosecutor’s Office is investigating different defendants in various Italian cities, including Milan, Turin, Rome, Pavia with Palermo: Vittorio Luciano Bellotti, Professor of Molecular Medicine, University of Pavia; Giuseppe Riva, Professor of Psychology, University of the Sacred Heart of Rome; Guido Angelo Cavaletti, Professor of University of Milan Bicocca; Claudio Maria Mastroianni, Professor of La Sapienza University in Rome; Massimo Andreoni, Professor of University of Torvergata, Rome; Giovanni Give Perry, Professor at the University of Turin; and Claudia Corumba, Professor of University of Palermo.

Among the people investigated by the Italian justices, the names of different candidates also appeared: Martha Brazil, Agostino Riva, Roberta Cazzola, Roberta Otria, Nicoleta Galliano with Angela Maria Rizzo, The last two of them are also teachers. Alessandro Manaro with Alessandro Visconti, There are two other defendants, but both are outside the university environment.

In addition to the seriousness that may become one of the largest public bid rigging cases at the university level in Italy; the fact is Massimo Gali He is so famous in his country that he has to show up in public and defend his position as much as possible in front of the trans-mountain media.

After hearing the news that he and 30 other people were accused, he was convinced that “becoming a public figure” refers to his reputation in national public opinion, “there are many advantages and disadvantages, but there are few advantages.” However, these words evaded the investigation by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office. It was from this fact that. February 2020, That is, just before the pandemic. “Maybe it makes me very uncomfortable. In my life, I have been trying to apply elite management methods,” he will retire in a few weeks. He added: “I am used to strutting.”

How could it be called today case Concorsopolis? Considering the reconstruction of justice and news in the end times, the ultimate goal of the whole system is to promote Victory in the open competition Those candidates from the University of Milan are related to the same professor who made the call. Any method is effective: from the provisional selection of jury members to agreement with the previously “selected” candidates on selection criteria.

All of this, in many cases not even afraid of the obvious Conflict of interestIn many cases, the professors of the selection team are the co-authors of the candidate research.In this climate, through pass through judicial It is necessary to prove how much responsibility has been taken so far by the infection scientist Massimo Galli in the suspected manipulation of the Milan State University’s public games. In the past few hours, many eavesdropping information leaked to the media purportedly confirmed the arguments of the prosecutor’s office in the capital of the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

During the first wave of coronavirus outbreak, Harsh imprisonment Spring 2020; In Italy, logically speaking, the confusion of citizens hides in the information operations of virology experts, who occupy the country’s information space in a very important way.But with the advent of the first lack of refinement, as of May last year, the overexposure of infectious experts meant that many of them began to suffer result politics The debate between the government and the opposition: a debate between those who want to more or less slowly reopen the country’s economy based on the contagion data.

At that time, many Italians, on the street, even began to realize that there were “left and right virologists”, as they used to say. In that atmosphere, Massimo Galli was branded as the left wing, and he was the defender of the Italian Prime Minister’s second reform of the government’s cautious line. Giuseppe Conte (2019-2021). A few months later, Massimo Gali admitted that he was a “lifetime leftist” and resolved the dispute, as if it was related to Italy’s fight against the new crown virus.

Based on the details that have emerged in recent days, the Milan Prosecutor’s Office assured that “the situation inferred from the analysis of the telephone conversation is disturbing at best”, in which “most of the games” were somewhat free from the beginning of the judicial investigation. Be manipulated with PollutionThe words of transalpine Justice are persuasive: “In the selection process, the elite method has been replaced by the logic of the client, thus avoiding the principle of fairness that should guide the decision-making of the public administration. constitution“.


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