Massimo Dutti Limited Edition brings out the classics you want to wear this winter


If there is a special moment on the calendar of all fashionistas, it is undoubtedly the time when their favorite brand launches a limited edition. We all use them before we run out of clothes.Look at her limited edition Massimo Dutti For the winter.

The company just made some of the most interesting suggestions, considering New season autumn/winter, Has options for all styles.

Of course, always consider what the trends set by the international fashion show are. These trends tell us that in recent weeks, after the colorful spring and summer sports, tones have dominated, and they have developed in the direction of neutral and light colors.

What clothing does the Massimo Dutti Limited Edition include?

Limited edition double-sided sheepskin coat

Then we start from a coat Double-sided, the highlight is reversible and Made of natural leather, It is very suitable to avoid low temperature, especially in the harshest winter.

Its interior is made of nappa leather, round neck and side pockets, which not only keep you away from the cold heat, but also very comfortable.

Limited edition oblique chest long dress

this dress Long sleeves are more popular this year than ever, especially the short sleeves and side slit hem that you can combine at will, whether you put them on or take them off, will become a pleasant and elegant experience.

Wool cloak cashmere limited edition

The cloak will continue to exist. This cloak made of high-quality wool and cashmere should not appear in your wardrobe under any circumstances. Its oversized tailoring gives it a modern feel.

Massimo Dutti Limited Edition brings out the classics you want to wear this winter

High collar, matching Zip closure and snaps inside each sleeve In order to be able to close them, this is a very customizable jacket.

Limited Edition Pearl Knit Cardigan

We continue to use the oversized cut, in this case you can wear a cardigan, you can wear it over any basic style, or under a coat or cloak, with a V-neck and button closure.

It is produced in Italy and is suitable for work environments and family outings.

Limited edition embroidered 100% silk shirt

Finally, if you are one of these shirts, we have a shirt with unique details. This shirt has ruffle details that give you a sober and feminine feel for the look you choose for the occasion.

Massimo Dutti Limited Edition brings out the classics you want to wear this winter

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