Mass rally against Nacho Cano: about 200 people oppose his theatrical project


To the cries of “Malinche no” and “No business, public conspiracy”, about 200 residents of Madrid’s Ortaleza district this Sunday opposed the transfer of a public plot of 20,000 square meters to the musician for 4 years and to businessman Nacho Cano for the realization of his musical Malinche.

“If the residents of this area wanted to practice popular culture, they would go to Puerta del Sol.; it’s a quiet area and we don’t need these projects… Ifema stands next to him; Let them put it there, because we need a real culture, a library or a vocational training center. “Our children have to go to libraries in other areas to study,” criticizes Martha, one of the neighbors who supported the protest.

In particular, the concentration took place on this land located at 30 Avenida de Machupicu, where the Madrid City Council authorized the installation of the Nacho Cano project, which originally envisaged the construction of a pyramid with a height of 29 meters over four years with an annual fee of 450,000 euros.

It was a project by Jose Luis Moreno.

The same plot, besides that of The consistory ceded in 2002 to businessman Jose Luis. dark, currently under investigation by justice, to build the Pharaohs Colosseum of three cultures, whose work never began and left a debt of 13 million euros in the municipal treasury, the organizers said in a statement.

During the rally, Miguel Montejo, councilor of the Masses of Madrid in the Madrid City Council, accompanied the residents to support them in their protest against this project called Malinche, as that is the name of the building that hosts the show in which will have an area of ​​5,000 square meters and with a capacity of over 1300 places, so it will have a car park with 400 places for such an event.

“This is a project that needs to be rethought, not continued to move forward; it cannot be called cultural diversificationbecause at the end of the day it will be a musical, tickets for which will cost 100 euros, it has neither a head nor a tail. You have to find a use for this site: neighbors ask for a vocational training center, you can also build a park, a library, ”said Montejo, who criticized the“ opacity ”of the Madrid City Hall in this project.

Noise and motion

Likewise, Jorge Donaire, PSOE Representative in Ortaleza, also criticized this project. it will only bring “noise and traffic around the neighborhood.”

During a protest, during which a manifesto was read and more signatures were requested (currently 20,000) to stop the project, another of the neighbors, Rufino, complained about another environmental impact – in addition to noise and noise … movement – this will be the cutting down of 40 trees that currently exist on this site.

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