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Ahmed Shah Masood, the son of Commander Ahmed Masood, a murdered hero who resisted the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan in the 1980s, said on Sunday (August 22) that he wanted to start a dialogue with the Taliban. At the same time, he added that the troops he leads are ready for battle.

“We want the Taliban to understand that the only way out is negotiation”He said from his stronghold in the Panchir Valley northwest of the capital Kabul, where he led a resistance movement composed of former members of the Afghan security forces and militia.He called for the formation of a government representing all the different ethnic groups in the country and emphasized “Totalitarian regime” It should not be recognized by the international community.

Fear of new conflicts

“We don’t want war to break out”In a telephone interview with Reuters, he added that, however, he pointed out that if the Taliban, far away from Panchir so far, try to invade the area, his fighters are willing to fight.

This may happen soon.The Taliban said through one of their Twitter accounts that hundreds of fighters were on their way to Panchir “After the local representative refused to return to (the area) peacefully”A relative of Ahmed Masood said that there is no sign that Islamic movement vehicles have entered the valley and there are no reports of fighting. Photos taken by AFP showed that armored vehicles were driving through the valley.

In 1997, Ahmed Masood’s father, Commander Masood, nicknamed the legendary warlord “Pancier’s Lion”, Which blew up the Salang Tunnel built during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979-1989), thereby closing the gateway to the valley from the south. Despite many attempts, the Taliban never succeeded in capturing Panchir.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters


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