MaryPaz nappa sandals in the 4 most basic and necessary colors


You can already buy it in four different colors flip flops by MaryPaz of nappa which is what you need for this summer. They are made of nappa leather and you want them to wear, go for a walk or at events.

We give you some of the signs of these shoes, which are in vogue during the summer season. For this season and following.

Discover MaryPaz nappa sandals

It should be noted that they are e sandal with several strapsn nappa leather in different colors and heels. Do you want to succeed this season? then you should get these sandals, comfortable thanks to their type of heel and very versatile.

The advantage is that you wear them on many occasions. that is, on the one hand, they are the perfect ones to be able to go to work every day. On holiday, to take walks in the afternoon and at night. In the spring, you wear them to a dinner with your best clothes and even at events like wedding and communion, because they are basic, but with the perfect heel to hold all night, walk, rest and even dance.

As you can see, you have many reasons to buy one of these sandals that will look great.

Choose between these three shades

In white, the sandals are par excellence and the ones you should wear with yours blazer and matching white pants. They are perfect for all types of events.

MaryPaz nappa sandals in the 4 most basic and necessary colors

at the same time in beige, you wear them with jeans in different colors, because it is the black and blue that you will choose. With matching brown bag. For its part, it is in black, which are the basic sandals we all want. They are the most versatile of all for a variety of occasions.

Finally we have gold colorwhich is what you should wear for your most special events.

where can they be bought

The we have on the MaryPaz website, and they cost 29.99 euros. Choose your color and size as they are different for each color. The whites are from 36 to 41, the beige also has those sizes, while the black color has sizes from 36 to 40, just like in gold, really attractive.

As always, MaryPaz has many shoes and other accessories. And always trendy, seasonal and at the best price. So do not think about it because now you can choose color and size, but maybe in a few days this is not possible. The sizes here are running out fast and we will not have it within reach.

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