MaryPaz has multicolored sneakers that you do not want to take off


We all like to have good high-heeled shoes from time to time, but what we really need for every day are some sneakers. We are terrain women who do a thousand things at the end of the day, so we need comfortable and versatile shoes that follow us everywhere. Well, in its new collection for spring, marypaz offers us some wonderful sneakers, with platform soles and a trendy design.

Thanks to the multicolored design, they are shoes very happy and funny, but without reaching the limit of being too flashy. They wonderfully combine different pastel colors, such as pink, blue or yellow. With lace closure and made of 100% polyurethane, the platform sole is fantastic.

These are sports shoes that are as comfortable as flat shoes, but at the same time they stylize the silhouette like high-heeled shoes. MaryPaz has hit the jackpot with these sneakers in its new collection, which we can wear with great style.

When it comes to sports shoes, we may think that the only options we have when it comes to combining sneakers are a training set or a basic look from jeans and t-shirt. But there are many more.

The mix of formal and informal garments and accessories in the same look It is one of the most important trends in the fashion world. Therefore, we can combine sneakers with a jacket and trouser suit in one of the colors that are most popular in 2022, such as yellow or pink, and a t-shirt or a top.

Now that we are in the spring and the summer is slowly approaching, we can also wear the shoes with a long floating dress in beige or white. This season they take shirt dresses with any special detail, such as ruffles or an opening in the skirt.

The slippers from MaryPaz They went on sale this week and there are already some sold out issues, something that does not surprise us because they have everything we need to make them our favorite shoes in everyday appearance. In addition, they are good for the price, for 29.99 euros, from number 35 to 41.

Some sneakers that we will surely get a lot of in the spring and summer because they fit everything and are very comfortable. Except, lifts any look and makes it look very handsome.

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