Marta Risco vs. Rocio Flores: Countdown to the most anticipated interview


All eyes on the national stage may be on tomorrow, and no Saturday, November 12th, when Barcelona Convention Centre is dressed as the perfect venue Golden Spike Conferencerenowned professionals from all over the world will come together to showcase new technologies and new ways of working, and predict fashion trends in the fashion world. manicure.

there are more and more influencer You can’t leave the house without perfect nails, especially considering that their main job is to be the image of different accepted behaviors.This is the case Rocío Flores, who didn’t want to miss out on this date beauty, Since the former collaborator is no longer Anna Rosa Project. It’s been almost two months since it was announced that Telecinco’s morning space had chosen to forego his partner’s services for various reasons, despite the fact that he’s been a total media abscission — at least for now, given the . Her parents, Antonio David Flores, and Rossio CarrascoHowever, the young woman still believes in her beliefs and believes in making the social network her biggest source of income, which is why, as a content creator, she couldn’t afford to miss out on this campaign because of sheer work issues.To this end, taking into account To be the host of the evening, Rocio Jurado’s granddaughter wants to take maximum care of her image Find the best professionals to groom your nails. Led by José Alcaide and Cristóbal Cervera, Rocío Flores treated her nails in a very natural technique, based on a pink base tone, adorned with a gorgeous encapsulation. Creative designs are one of the most striking trends for Autumn/Winter 2022.

Rocio Flores Story/Instagram

Besides its importance, influencer To become the emcee, it is worth mentioning that there is a detail that everyone present will not ignore.As all sources of solvency reveal Look, Marta Riesco will also travel to the aforementioned enclaves with the help of reunion conduct direct during the full broadcast of the program. On Telecinco’s weekend show, Emma García and other collaborators are likely all trying to get reporters to do a brief interview with the protagonist, who is none other than Rocio Flores, especially knowing the close ties to this day Stay united.

Martha Risco
Marta Riesco in conversation with Rocío Flores / Gtres

As such, the appointment will mean a reunion for daughter and couple former national guardAlthough a priori They showed great solidarity on the friendly side and they continued to mark the distance. In recent months, it can be seen how the two have participated in activities together, such as starlight Coming from Marbella, although always accompanied by Antonio David Flores, suggests that perhaps their relationship would not have been as positive without the presence of Olga Moreno’s ex. It’s a far cry from what happened a few years ago, when even Marta Riesco attended Rossio’s birthday celebration, and they didn’t hesitate to hug and express their love for each other.thanks now Golden Spike Conferencethrough the long-awaited face-to-face and media coverage, it will be possible to see if this wonderful friendship still exists.


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