Marta Riesco, the undisputed protagonist of Heart Magazine


Marta Risco already become Unexpected protagonist The separation between Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno. This is undoubtedly one of the major explosions in social chronicles in recent weeks.Neither person confirmed or denied the news reported by the media Reading But before these few days, there was no other talk about the meeting in my heart. The magazine reported the incident on a new Wednesday full of news.

Catalan publication selected as cover DewSince separation from her father, Antonio David’s daughter has been very closed. When she learned that there might be a third person who was also her friend, the collaborator collapsed and even posted a very mysterious message on her social network. now, Reading He knocked on the table and wrote a very persuasive headline: “Antonio David used his children to escape from prison.” And it was the former National Guard who suffered a serious judicial setback that put him into trouble. In addition, they made a report to learn more about Marta Riesco.

For its part, Hi! He prefers to replace his third one, and has a large number of photographic reports on the weekend’s grand wedding in Greece on the cover. Prince Philip and Queen Sofia’s family, Nina Flohr, did not miss a date. The best and different members of the royal family gathered in Athens for several days of celebrations.At the key Royal It also highlights all the details of the reappearance Princess Eleanor At the Princess of Asturias award ceremony.

Week It also highlights Princess Eleanor’s hosting of all activities within the framework of the Princess of Asturias Award after returning from Wales. In addition, the magazine accidentally published a quarrel between Ernesto de Hannover and his new girlfriend in the middle of the street. The head of the Güelfa house had a dispute with Pitita Ridruejo’s daughter and broke this Harmony and sweetness They showed this during their autumn outing in Madrid.

finally, 10 minutes Got some declarations Edmundo Arosset There will be many topics to talk about. The ex-boyfriend of María Teresa Campos brags about his economy after attacking Gustavo, the reporter’s driver in a magazine last week. When he realized this, Mustache showed his chest: “With what I have and what I earn, I support the Campos family and 30 other people.” Surprisingly, its title is “Terelu Fight Call me and we send messages, but not with Carmen.”

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