Marta Riesco breaks the controversy surrounding her life with Ana Rosa and keeps silent


Marta Risco Already involved dispute Last week, some information linked him to Antonio David Flores to some extent. Since everything broke out, the reporter has not wanted to speak, her only reaction is to issue a warning through her team of lawyers. However, this Monday, she wants to be the one who breaks the silence.

It was through Ana Rosa Quintana, who read the statement provided by Marta Riesco herself: «I have been in journalism for more than 10 years and I love my job. My work supports me, which has been going on in the background for many days. Some colleagues hinted to me from private areas that I don’t want to enter…», He said. She promised in her request that her career dream was to work with Ana Rosa, and after it was realized, she demanded that the same statement continue to be respected in her future work. He did not want to confirm or deny his intimate conspiracy in any way.

Marta Riesco, at the event / Gtres

Then, Riesco returned to work after a few days of absence. Reporters report information related to Kiko Rivera in Castilla de la Cuesta. However, he did not lose the opportunity to thank the boss for his words:«My heartfelt thanks to you, the project and my colleagues », Say.

Joaquín Prat founded the Social Club, a space dedicated to collecting social chronicles. Anna Rosa Project, Who wants to advance his partner’s intentions: “A woman was pointed out over and over again as the reason why Olga and Antonio David broke up. I’m talking about this show’s reporter Martarisco.” It spreads The author’s words generated great expectations: “Marta has made a decision after reflection and will comment on all these disputes, and she will do it here.”

Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno, walking / Gtres
Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno, walking / Gtres

It all starts with the magazine Reading According to reports, Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno decided to separate after being together for more than 20 years, and 12 of them were married. Then there were rumors that there might be a third party.None of the protagonists wanted to speak publicly, but from Dew On social media, he made it clear that he was going through a bad time: «There are many things that happen to you that you shouldn’t get, but they have taught you that you are stronger than you think».

Surprisingly, in the most recent date, people doubt whether Antonio David and Olga have separated, because neither party has confirmed this. Propelled by the appearance of some photos of the couple on October 9th, people have been talking about possible reconciliation, and they are obviously very happy and enjoying the flamenco tablao. Kiko Matamoros, a friend of Rossio Carrasco’s ex-husband, revealed one of the most talked about theories: Silent agreement between Olga and David Neither confirm nor deny their separation,” he said in Saturday Deluxe Room.

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