Marta Ortega: the three Zara “hits” that have gone viral


There is no better way to create trends than to go into them, and if not, tell Marta Ortega. There is no doubt that the great heir to the Inditex empire is a style icon both for the big brands and for the companies that make up his father’s company. Amancio Ortega you have not missed the opportunity to notice your daughter as that girl to create designs that would be a success in every Inditex store. We show you what they are.

A wedding dress low cost

It was November 16, 2018 when Marta Ortega said “yes, I want to” with Carlos Torretta. A date that would become part of our country’s history both in terms of heart and style, given the choice with which the daughter of Amancio Ortega decided to go through the altar. Apart from the traditional white dresses, Businesswoman wearing a set of neck blouse perkins pleated skirt and a simple skirt with side pockets and with which he covered his shoes completely. The successful design was signed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s creative director, although a few days later alternatives similar to this could be found at Zara. In the brand’s web catalog, there was a pink blouse very similar to the one Marta wore at her wedding for only 29.95 euros. We could also find in the store an imitation of the lower part of see wedding, along with other very similar options that would also make us feel like Ortega for a much lower price than she paid for her ceremony.

Zara / Zara blus

Totally black at an irresistible price

Another of the occasions that Marta Ortega chose Valentino It was at the wedding of Carlos Cortina and Carla Vega-Penichet. Just a few months ago, The heir surprised everyone present with a fuchsia shirt dress with a figure-hugging top and a slit skirt. A very sexy alternative that a few days later became part of the wide range of opportunities that Zara offers us via its website.

This successful imitation is a pink wrap dress with long sleeves, satin fabric and V-neck for 49.99 euros. A cut that has aroused sensation among customers and that has already appeared in other brand designs in different colors and shapes.

Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta at a wedding / Gtres
Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta at a wedding / Gtres

Invest in sequins

It was during Valentino’s fashion show 2018 when Marta Ortega chose a white fringed dress, a trend that this season has once again been validated and monopolized the first line of Inditex brands. So much so at that time, Zara was inspired by her future heir by developing a neck model halter even with fringed details, add endless silver sequins. An alternative that emerged in December and with which dozens of girls decided to welcome 2020 in style.

Zara dress / Zara
Zara dress / Zara

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