Marta Ortega, another model in La Coruña with a renewed image


Whenever she gets the chance, Marta Ortega does not hesitate to go back to her roots in order to boost the popularity of a land as enchanting as Galicia. This is precisely what happened on the last occasion, when the new president of Inditex has chosen La Coruña as the perfect setting to organize an exhibition dedicated to the New York photographer Steven Meisel. An evening organized by the daughter of Amancio Ortega in which, how could it be otherwise, the presence of an endless number of familiar faces has reigned.

Marta Ortega smiling / Gtres

Eugenia Silva, Jon Kortajarena, Karlie Kloss and even Irina Shayk herself did not want to miss this evening for anything in the world, which is why the executive has turned the province located to the northwest of Galicia into an international red carpet, yes, with the help of the Foundation MOP. However, and before kicking off this presentation publicly, she wanted to have an opening party surrounded by celebritieswhich has been recorded through their social networks.

It was around 7:00 p.m. last Wednesday, November 16, when the Finisterre Hotel began to welcome the first guests of the ceremony baptized as Steven Meisel 1993, a year in photographs, which later did not hesitate to promote the event through their respective Instagram accounts. So much so, that the account of Lucien Pagès did not want to miss the opportunity to share a carousel of multiple snapshots of the appointment in which, how could it be otherwise, Marta Ortega also appears.

In the images in question, you can see how the president of the most prominent textile company in Spain shares a very good tune with each and every one of her guests. However, what has caught her attention the most has had nothing to do with her companions, but rather with herself. And it is that, Amancio’s daughter sports a completely renewed image with a dazzling beauty on her face, which could be caused by an aesthetic retouching or simply by a new makeup technique. But be that as it may, the truth is that Marta Ortega has a glow on her face that until now had gone unnoticed and that perhaps, in part, is due to the good personal and professional moment that she is experiencing.

Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta / Gtres
Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta / Gtres

It was precisely during that day, when Marta celebrated four years of marriage with Carlos Torretta. A very special date for both the dressmaker’s son Roberto Torretta as for his wife, who despite the passing of the years seem to be keeping the flame of love intact. Proof of this are their public appearances together, in which they exude romanticism despite having the press in front of them, without caring what may come to light and simply focusing on themselves and their happiness as a couple.


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