Marjorie Taylor Green reports Jimmy Kimmel to the D.C. police.


Jimmy Kimmellate-night talk show host, fired Georgia Republican Party representative Marjorie Taylor Greens claim that one of his jokes was a “threat of violence” directed at her.

Green stated on Twitter Wednesday that she contacted metropolitan police file a complaint after watching a clip from Jimmy Kimmel live. Kimmel recalls Green calling three Republican senators who supported Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination for “propedophiles” in the video. He then asks in response to Will Smithoscar slap Chris Rock“Where’s Will Smith when you need him the most?”

Green previously praised Smith on Twitter as an “alpha male” for slapping The Rock, calling the incident “much better than a Twitter fight with people saying tough things on a keyboard behind a screen”.

Kimmel’s joke that Smith turned his anger on Green instead of Rock came after a congresswoman accused several lawmakers of condoning pedophilia while supporting Jackson, who, if confirmed, would become the first black woman on the Supreme Court.

Several Republicans said during Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearing that the judge was too lenient in sentencing child pornography cases. However, fact checks by media such as Associated Press as well as Washington Post recognized this statement as false.

Green called Republican senators pedophiles

Green cited Republican senators Susan Collins Maine, Lisa Murkowski Alaska and arm romney of Utah as “pedophile supporters” for voting for Jackson’s candidacy.

During an interview with Dr. Gina of Real America’s Voice Prime TimeGreene said she didn’t care if Murkowski, Collins or Romney took offense, but she hoped “the people” would “blame them for supporting pedophiles and voting for Ketanji Brown Jackson.”

In the same interview, Green stated that “the Democrats are a party of pedophiles.” Donald Trump Jr.tweet. “When did the Democrats become such propedophiles?” Republicans repeatedly asked Jackson about sentencing during her confirmation hearings.


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