Mariupol resists everything: 120,000 people face missiles, tanks and Russian special forces


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Mariupol has always been terror and death from the Russian invasion. It has been under siege for more than six weeks. As Volodimir Zelenski bemoaned this Thursday, about 40 days of massive destruction have reduced the city to “ash.” But despite the daily hail of Russian shells, clashes between troops in the city center and the ferocity of Vladimir Putin’s army, Mariupol has resisted the Kremlin.

Pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk claimed control of the city center on Thursday, but Ukraine he denied. Pro-Russian Donetsk Militia . He started by saying that it could be said that “the main battle in the city centre is over”. A militia spokesman assured that they had “expelled” the Ukrainians from the city.

President Zelensky announced the city’s destruction on Thursday, but the Ukrainian government said Ukrainian troops were “resisting” despite “the resumption of the enemy’s offensive in Mariupol.” Thus denying that Russia has taken control of the city.The pro-Russian militias themselves admit that there are still some 3000 soldiers Ukrainian in Mariupol.

A woman walks the streets of Mariupol.

The Ukrainian chief also added that the Russian military has increased the use of drones out of fear of using their aircraft, many of which have been shot down by Ukraine.

Mariupol has been at the crossroads of Russia since the first day of the invasion. According to Ukraine, his aggressive plans for the important city ended up destroying 90 percent of the city’s infrastructure. It’s not just another city.Its takeover will enable Russia Overland corridor across southeastern Ukraine Thus connecting the Crimean Peninsula with the Donbas region. It will also control the entire Sea of ​​Azov.

After failing to make much progress in northern Ukraine, especially in the Kyiv region, Russia seems changed their strategy Pay particular attention to the east and south of the country. That’s why Mariupol, if it’s still standing, has more pain ahead. Russia will not stop until it is in full control.

Before the invasion, approximately 450,000 people lived in Mariupol.Now, six weeks after the invasion began, only a few 120,000 civilians in the city. a quarter of its population.

Pro-Russian soldiers on the streets of Mariupol.

Pro-Russian soldiers on the streets of Mariupol.

Zelensky lamented that the Russian bombing attempted to destroy hospitals, cultural centers and even shelters used by civilians, such as theaters, and that not a single building in the city was “undamaged” and that more than 300 people, most of them children and women, were killed.

Gun, Gun, Gun

Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmitry KurabaHe asked NATO allies to provide Ukraine with more weapons so he could fight Russia before it was “too late”.

“Either you help us now, I’m talking days, not weeks, or the help comes too late, many people will dieMany civilians will lose their homes and many villages will be destroyed,” Kuleba told a news conference in Brussels on Thursday.

Ukraine’s foreign minister says he arrived in Brussels to demand “Gun, gun, gun”. Especially aircraft, missiles, personal armored vehicles and air defense systems.if published eragiven the importance of the coming weeks to the outcome of the war, the UK is looking into sending military vehicles to Ukraine.

19,000 Russian casualties

The Ukrainian General Staff assures that Russian troops have suffered since the invasion of their country 18,900 casualtiesamong soldiers killed, wounded or captured, the report said Efe Agency this thursday.

The Russian army also lost 698 tanks, 1,891 armored vehicles, 198 missile launchers, 159 planes, 135 helicopters and 111 drones and other military equipment, according to the latest balance released by the Ukrainian General Staff on Thursday.

In addition, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov lamented that Russia has suffered “significant losses” since the invasion began. This is the first time the Kremlin has admitted to suffering mass casualties, which NATO and Ukraine have been claiming for weeks.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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