‘Mariupol Reborn’: 5 Steps and $14.5 Billion to Revive Putin’s Ruined City


Mariupol reborn its name an ambitious project With the promotion of the Ukrainian government and the support of the international community, the reconstruction of the port city Mariupol once recover from Russia.

Surrounded by Kremlin troops at the start of the invasion, this small town in southern Ukraine bombing day and night more than 80 days. At the local steel mill, one of the largest in the country, Azovstal, with more than 1,000 soldiers –Injured, exhausted and not prescribedThey resist entrenched in the tunnel of the factory until his surrender in May. After the fire stopped, only rubble remained.

It is estimated that more than 22,000 civilians were killed in Russian attacks 90% of critical infrastructure Cities (power plants, transport, water systems…) and 50% of residential buildings They were completely destroyed.damages over $14.5 billionaccording to data processed by the Ukrainian government.

A man walks past a collapsed building in Mariupol.


now although the few remaining residents Learn to live under the yoke of Russia, Mayor of Mariupol, Ukraine, Vadim Boychenkoout of exile established a revitalization project that is considered the largest in Europe since World War II.

“The plan is clear: to transform Mariupol from a symbol of war and destruction into a An example of revitalization give everyone. After losing his job, Mariupol will be reborn,” Boychenko explained at a presentation of the initiative in Kyiv on Thursday.

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One of the main challenges presented Mariupol reborn is to turn this city into not only a symbol of victory, but also a An example of modernizationFor this, the project will be developed in five phases, as explained by sources close to EL ESPAÑOL.

First, a model of a new city will be designed, then a “damage assessmentand “Strategies will be developed to enable rapid recovery of critical infrastructure. Once the theory is established,”will be developed and implemented” According to the organization’s revitalization plan. In addition, at each stage, residents can provide comments and assessments through the resettlement support center “I am Mariupol”.

This USAIDThis World Bank The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will participate in the project

While the required initial budget is still unknown, the Ukrainian government, holding company The Ukrainian financial and industrial company SCM, the owner of the Azovstal plant and the Metinvest group of steel and mining companies have confirmed that they will support and facilitate the project. They are not alone:​​​ USAID (USAID), World Bank The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will also participate.

“The Inevitable Victory”

In recent months, Ukrainian forces have proven capable of pushing back Russian forces by leaps and bounds. However, Mariupol – like much of Donetsk and Luhansk – remains in the hands of the occupiers. despite this, Promoters of the initiative are optimistic.

“we believe Victory is inevitable. Our flag will be flown in Mariupol once again, and with it comes civilization, freedom and the right to a better future,” he said. Natalia Yemchenko, Table of contents SCM, in the demo event.In this sense, the representative A company led by Rinat AkhmetovUkraine’s richest man says it’s time to devise the plan”It’s now“.

[Natalia Yemchenko, dircom de SCM: “Haremos que Rusia pague millones por los daños provocados”]

Timothy Madigan, director of USAID’s program to help Ukraine financially, recalls, those who left want to come backso “it’s important to have a visual concept of what the city will look like after liberation and reconstruction.”

Mariupol is one of the cities most devastated by the Russian invasion, but it’s not the only one.That’s why the goal is Mariupol reborn as a roadmap for other war-affected areas may be wiped out.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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