Marina Theiss: “I’m not the woman in Íñigo Onieva’s video”


His name has been on everyone’s lips for days.due to the Inigo Oneeva. Merchants and Tamara Falco After more than two years of relationship, they announced their wedding in the middle of last week, but the release of a video of Oneeva kissing another woman during a festival in Nevada has blown up the engagement. While Inigo himself flatly denied infidelity at first, last Sunday he admitted infidelity to the Marquise de Grignon, who not only deleted the post announcing his engagement, but also blocked from his network what has hitherto been her boyfriend’s man. A clear step implies that there is no room for reconciliation.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva in Madrid / Gtres

In videos circulating on the Internet and other channels, you can see Inigo Oneeva kiss another woman. A woman presumably Marina Theis. However, now, for the first time, she broke the silence. The young woman categorically denied on her Instagram profile that she was the one who appeared in the video with the Marquise de Grignon’s ex-boyfriend. “I would like to take this opportunity to correct the rumors of the last few days,” the post begins, by the way, the possibility of any kind of comment has been removed.

“Yes, I’m at Burning Man, yes, I met Inigo Oneeva through a mutual friend. We took pictures together, but other than that, nothing happened. There was no love between us and nothing happened. I’m not the woman in the video they’ve been circulating and posting,” the Brazilian declared.

In her text, Marina clarified that this type of false accusation has legal implications and asked the media to stop citing her by name when it has nothing to do with her. In addition, the Brazilian would like to take this opportunity to wish Íñigo Onieva and his partner all the best. The model also shared the statement via her English and Spanish account stories to clear any doubts and stay out of the media spotlight.

Who is Marina Heath?

“Totally imperfect,” that’s how Marina Theiss defines herself on her social media profiles. The young woman from Brazil worked as a Formula 1 model and journalist. In addition, she is studying tourism at the university. She is active on social networks with over twenty thousand followers, with whom she shares details of her daily life, especially her advertising work.


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