Mariló Montero: why hasn’t he visited Concha Velasco on her birthday?


Today is a day marked on Concha Velasco’s calendar. The iconic actress celebrates her 83rd birthday this November 29, a new anniversary that she, for the first time, is living from the nursing home where she entered at the beginning of the year due to the mobility problems that he had been dragging for a long time.

It is also an important day for your closest friends and family. Many of them have wanted to meet her in person to congratulate her directly and keep her company on her most special day. This is the case of her son, Manuel Velasco, who has also become one of her main supporters in these delicate moments, of José Sacristán, a friend and colleague, and of Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, who maintains a very close relationship with the veteran actress, preserving In addition, endless unforgettable moments together.

Concha Velasco with her son Manuel at the theater / Gtres

The absence of Mariló Montero on this very important date has highlighted. The woman from Valladolid and the journalist share a precious friendship that came to light last March, precisely when Carlos Herrera’s ex-partner moved to the senior center where she had just entered called ‘ye-yé girl’ to visit her. Not only was she one of the first people around her to go to the place to make sure that Concha was in perfect condition after entering a new and complicated phase of her life, but she was also the one who confessed the details. of this surprising friendship that had never come to light before: “We did a television program together and that’s where our relationship began,” she confessed. “She is a great friend to me and it is a luxury to have her among my friends”, added.

It is precisely for this reason that it has attracted so much attention that the famous television presenter has not appeared at the senior center where Concha has resided for several months on her birthday. However, this seems to have a compelling reason.

In search of answers that would justify her notable absence at the residence, the Gtres Press Agency has taken advantage of the Navarrese’s attendance at the 2022 Bombines de San Isidro award ceremony to ask her about her close friend and if she had planned to meet with her throughout today.

Mariló Montero in the Bombines de San Isidro 2022 / Gtres
Mariló Montero in the Bombines de San Isidro 2022

In her attempt to once again record the immense affection she feels for the veteran actress, Mariló began by saying: “Concha is surrounded by very good friends who love her very much and You also have to respect a little bit that you have to be calm. Perhaps that is why I see her less than I would like”.

After that, he has revealed that he was not going to visit her for her birthday for a reason that goes beyond the communicator’s busy personal and professional schedule. She herself thinks that what Concha needs most at this time is peace and quiet and that is why she has considered that the best thing for her was not to bother her, even if it is her most special day: “Now we are being quite prudent because you have to leave it, not make it too dizzy, let it rest and let it be well,” has explained.

Mariló Montero posing at a photocall / Gtres
Mariló Montero posing at a photocall

However, Mariló feels her conscience clear, because if one thing is clear to both one and the other, it is that love is always present in their sincere friendship: “She knows that I love her. I adore her very much and she loves me”, he concluded.


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