Marichalar: blow to the family with the eviction of Victoria Federica’s uncle


New news about the bosom of the Marichalar family. And not exactly good. Victoria Federica’s uncle, Ignatius of Marichalar He has been left without a home to live in when he was recently evicted from the house where he lived with his wife. The reason is none other than the non-payment of the monthly rent by Jaime’s brother, as he has revealed The Ana Rosa Program.

Ignacio de Marichalar, with his wife.

The Telecinco space reporter has given all the details about a piece of news that she has described as “unexpected”. And it has not stopped there since Ignacio’s behavior “would not have been cordial” since would have threatened to the owner in case she told the information about the eviction. The family had been living in that property for a year, whose neighbors were not very happy and maintain that “the only ones who integrated with the neighborhood are the four children he has with his wife, Fernanda.”

The eviction has been carried out peacefully and without any altercation by Ignacio de Marichalar who is completely exposed and pointed out after this news. However, it has been surprising that he himself has preferred not to be present at the time of the intervention, leaving his wife with the paperwork and responsibility, something that he left the owner speechless.

Ignacio de Marichalar, with his wife / Gtres
Ignacio de Marichalar, with his wife.

It all started this past Monday. At 08:30 in the morning, a moving truck arrived to collect all the family belongings. Two hours later, Ignatius of Marichalar He leaves his home by car, with a calm and undaunted expression after seeing the press, declining to stop and make statements. At 12:30 p.m. on a rainy day in Madrid, the judicial committee in charge of raising the act began to arrive, as well as patrols from the Municipal Police. The neighbors of Jaime de Marichalar’s brother do not hesitate to charge him and in statements to The Ana Rosa Program complain about its bitter treatment of some residents: “He speaks very, very badly to people”they say. Finally, the influencer’s uncle did not return home and a few hours later his wife left in a car, also without saying a word.

Ignacio de Marichalar, in a photocall / Gtres
Ignacio de Marichalar, in a photocall.

The one who has spoken has been the owner of the house to confirm that the bitter process had ended and that Ignacio had handed over the keys: «Everything went well, we have taken possession of the house. Unfortunately, we have had to get here due to a continued non-payment of the house », she said. And this is how this unpleasant event that has involved Victoria Federica’s uncle has ended, just when the young woman is at her peak in the media and professionally thanks to social networks and her commitments to commercial brands. Will there be a reaction from any family member?


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