Mariah Carey Sings a Duet with Daughter Monroe at Canada Christmas Concert


A big thank you to all the Canadian supporters and lambs who came to my concert last night to celebrate with me!!! “Merry Christmas everyone,” 52-year-old Mariah Carey said on Instagram on Saturday, December 10.

Sporting similar white ball gowns and sparkly tiaras, she gave a tender kiss to Monroe, whose father is Nick Cannon in the first picture. At the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, the “Fantasy” singer sang the duet as part of their “Merry Christmas Everyone” performance.

In social media footage, Mariah Carey and her daughter can be heard singing “Away in a Manger,” and fans are praising the little singer’s talent.

When Monroe and her twin brothers, Moroccan, were just starting elementary school, they sang “Always Be My Baby” with their mother at a Las Vegas guesthouse. Still, this performance amply showcases Monroe’s vocal prowess.

Mariah Carey recently reassured her fans that she has passed on her musical talents. In an interview with E! On the news Tuesday, December 6th, she said, “Honestly, the tone they use while singing is amazing and I’m so happy they took that away from me.

Her young children recently danced on the platforms behind the “All I Want for Christmas” singer as she appeared at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. According to Carey, they wanted to dance throughout her performance.

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You can check out some of Mariah Carey’s posts with her daughter Monroe here.

Mariah said that when they wanted to get engaged and thought it would be fun, they went to rehearsals and they were really into it. “It’s a delight to watch them hook up with their other friends, seeing them hook up with so many promising singers or dancers who weren’t born into the entertainment scene.”

Carey thinks showing Monroe and the Moroccans how diligently she works will significantly affect their work habits. As I grew up without this opportunity, she continued, “I believe children need to acquire these skills and they need to understand that it’s important to do your best and give your best.”

“Watching the glowing children is one of my greatest privileges.” She strikes a balance between teaching valuable life lessons and pampering the kids at Christmas. The Grammy Award winner recently said that the Christmas season was never a joyous time to grow up, but she loves it now.

“When you have a chaotic upbringing and then go through this change that allows you to create the life you desire? “It’s my pleasure,” Carey wrote in an article in W magazine this month.

“This is why I want my children to live the best lives possible. I want kids to realize that they can become anything they put their minds to.


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