María Pombo unleashes the madness with this H&M dress that costs less than 30 euros


María Pombo has become a style benchmark and this week she surprised her followers on Instagram with a High Spirits Official dress that couldn’t be prettier and warmer for winter. We have set out to find a similar model but with a cheaper price, and we have found it in new H&M collection For this season.

The orange dress from H&M

A short dress in structured knit with wool in the weft. It is a long-sleeved model with bare shoulders, a straight hem and a turned neckline. It’s super flattering on women of all sizes and body types.

If you think wearing a cotton or polyester dress will make you cold this time of year, you will love this model from the new H&M collection. You can combine it with thermal tights and high boots to go to the office or go out to dinner.

It’s a dress that meets all the requirements to become part of your wardrobe. He has a lot of style It is comfortable, warm and very easy to combine. What more could you wish for? In addition, orange is one of the trend colors of 2022 in all its shades, so it is ideal to join the latest trends.

Now that Christmas is approaching, you’re probably thinking about the look you’ll wear on important dates, like New Year’s Eve. Well, both for eating at home with the family and for going out to a party, this H&M dress is a great option. If you combine it with shoes with heels, you get it your legs look endless and the silhouette of the most stylized.

The bateau neckline of the dress hides thick arms and visually lengthens the neck, while balancing and harmonizing the figure. Therefore, you will look very favored with the dress and also you will not feel cold in it, something very important considering that it is the middle of winter.

When choosing shoes orange and black form a perfect tandem. Of course, you can also go for a monochrome look with shoes in the shade of orange that you like the most.

The opinions about the dress in the H&M online store are very good: « Beautiful, I gave it to my daughter and it looks divine on her. The orange brick color is beautiful. Very warm and fits like a glove because it hugs the body very well”. It is worth 19.99 euros.


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