María Pombo, from the rumors of pregnancy to her patriotic request


Maria Pombo has acquired an important role after his visit to The resistance from this past Tuesday. David Broncano and the rest of the team received one of the best-known influencers on the national scene, full of jokes and aware that her presence would cause a lot to talk about. The interview started strong and without disappointing since the guest He asked the presenter to put on the Spanish anthem «The strongest you have, to feel more myself, more at home».

The content creator explained that “at my weddings, in my environment, it is normal for it to wear.” And the truth is that in yours with paul castellano Yes, it sounded, although it was a version that did not satisfy him. After a conversation with Broncano, Pombo went back in but the program hesitated by playing the music that plays in Mercadona supermarkets. Immediately afterwards, she played the hymn but a version that went up David Bisbal to their stories humming it

Politics occupied an important place in the interview. María had to explain what her ideology was: «I am at an intermediate level for everything. For the very fachas, I am red, and for the very red, I am facha. There are people around me, not my friends, who think I’m red. My mother’s family is more to the left and my father’s is more to the right. Obviously, we know which foot I’m limping on. Politics actually disgusts me.”

Maria Pombo, on Instagram

Something very common is that the guests of The Resistance bring a gift and in the case of Madrid it was a very original gift. María Pombo went to a well-known Madrid restaurant where 2,300 euros were spent on 300 potato omelette sandwiches for the entire team and the public, but he warned that “it is only for those who have made communion and confirmation,” he joked.

David Broncano also put her between a rock and a hard place when talking about sex and money, her two classic questions, but she refused to answer about her intimate relationships: I’d rather tell you how many times I’ve pooped this month than sexual intercourse», he commented. Regarding her fortune, the presenter said that “you are covered, María. You are covered forever. You have not stepped on a neighborhood ». But María Pombo did not wrinkle: «What is not? I have gone by subway every day. We have always lived very well, but without luxuries. I have not traveled by plane until I became an influencer », she solved.

Social networks have been making memes all morning about María Pombo’s visit, but they are also very aware of a possible news bombing. According to some Tiktokers, The influencer could be pregnant with her second child together with her husband. The rumor stems from some photographs from the album that she carries on her mobile and that she showed on the program and in which a positive pregnancy test and selfies of joy were seen. Álvaro Morata’s ex already gave birth to little Martin on December 28, 2020.


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