María Patiño talks about the bulimia that marked her life


Maria Patino She is one of the most charming hosts in the country. As one of Telecinco’s most important presenters, her extensive career on television has made her a public figure. He has as many interests in life as the roles he interviewed, or even more, but it is not easy for him to disclose his privacy to the public.What he did in front of Omar Suárez in an interview ReadingShe also talked about the life with her beloved husband or the best legacy left to her by her parents.

Galicians suffered from bulimia when they were 23 years old. With commendable courage and strength, he overcomes the difficult trance. This was a very difficult moment she faced, from which she won: “It is difficult for me to get out, but I succeeded because I went to an experimental unit for treatment”The host said that the diagnosis and the first few months were difficult: “At first I wanted to know what I was doing there because I saw people worse than me, but I went back again and again.”

María Patiño and Isabel Torres / Telecinco

Patiño tells how he realized he had bulimia and how to act in this situation: «Behind any addiction there is a problem that must be solved. You have to find out what makes me anxious, the way to self-destruct and punish myself. You will overcome yourself when you forgive yourself and analyze your situation and shortcomings and reinforce the positive factors you did not see ».

This confession happens to be the day after the World Fight against Eating Disorders Day. This is a problem that requires social conscience, and it is destined to make a lot of effort for this. In Spain alone, one in every 20 women between the ages of 12 and 21 suffers from an eating disorder. María Patiño admitted that the disease “is a life-long addiction that I have not relapsed.” The chapter of his life is over, but it makes him unforgettable.

On the other hand, María Patiño also said in an interview Reading The inheritance left to him by his parents. Her mother died in 2014, and she became completely orphaned in 2017. His brave and impulsive character is partly attributed to his parents: «From my father, I have always valued honesty. The strength of my mother is very upright and temperament». He revealed that due to everyone’s ideology and beliefs, family gatherings are very tense: “At home, we are very different and we quarrel a lot. My mother has a political ideology, and my father has another political ideology. My father is in the army, and I have a brother who is an opponent of conscience, a believer, and an atheist. If you see us, you will be afraid, but then we continue to have dinner».

Finally, Patiño expressed his feelings for her husband, Venezuelan actor Ricardo Rodríguez. Get married in 2019: “I love it more than the first day. When I see it, it still makes me uncomfortable.”

Maria Patino
Maria Patino/Telecinco

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