María Patiño bursts into tears at the possibility of Chelo leaving ‘Save Me’ for good


During the last delivery of Save meit was a question the possibility of Chelo García Cortés leaving the program forever. After more than ten years as a program partner He made the decision to leave and look for another job in other Mediaset programs.

The collaborator has made it clear that she no longer likes the program, let alone the treatment she received there. The cause of Chelo García Cortés’ departure could be his friend María Patiño, who burst into tears during the program when she heard the news. In addition, A few days ago they had a disagreement that could have been decisive.

The journalist had just published a book called Without labelsthe presentation of this was going to be made by his friend María PatiñoHowever, at the last moment he decided to change her and replace her with Carmen Chaparro. She found out about the change through social media because her friend hadn’t told her about it.

María started crying because the situation didn’t suit her and she didn’t know what to do to get that friendship back: “I feel like I can never reach her, I feel like she loves me somehowBut I don’t understand the way he loves me sometimes. All I ask is that she be with me, as I am with her. There are times when I feel like Must play a role in front of me that isn’t, there are times I say enough and walk away“explained the delighted presenter.

Gema López entered the conversation at this time to try to comfort María Patiñoexplaining that Chelo has always been like this: “Chelo is incapable of getting wet, I have known her for more than 25 years, but I assure you that there are no bad intentions in her”, commented the journalist.


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