María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo found a clothing brand


Together, they add nearly a million followers and have become two of the moment’s influencers. María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo They have taken another step in their professional careers. The couple has launched their first brand which they have called Himba. “It’s a project that Tomás and I have been working on for a long time, where we have put a lot of effort, affection and love,” said the designer first.

Tomás Páramo and María García de Jaime pose./Gtres

Mary She has not been able to hide her feelings when she started this company where she has worked side by side with her husband. “In January last year, we decided how we would jump in the pool and after many setbacks, we have managed to launch the brand and we are very proud, especially of the result because it is something that without being we are very ours,” says Tomás with a smile from ear to ear.

Regarding the collection that saw the light on December 10, Páramo has said that: “all garments are very Maria. These are clothes that you can literally find in Maria’s wardrobe and that’s what inspired us a bit when we created this first collection ».

Tomás Páramo and María García de Jaime clay./Gtres
Tomás Páramo and María García de Jaime clay./Gtres

The businessman has revealed that Himba was born to “convey a little way of imagining fashion.” “This project was born out of a need that we saw. Maria loves to wear clothes vintage. He likes to go to his grandmother’s wardrobe and pick up a garment. She takes out her clothes on Instagram and of course she can not say where she comes from, Tomás Páramo explained.

María has revealed that the secret to being able to design these garments has been to be inspired by her grandmother’s wardrobe because she has always loved her clothes. “We also wanted to give it a fresher touch, but at the same time that it is super simple and elegant garments”, has announced that influencer.

María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo present their brand Himba./Gtres
María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo present their brand Himba./Gtres

The couple also explained that the intention is to create “timeless garments” that within the retro concept are able to give a modern touch. “There are very few units of each garment because we wanted to take care of the fabric,” said Tomás.

The very dress that María García de Jaime has worn in the presentation of the brand corresponds to this first collection. It is a long dress “with a crossed neckline and flared hem, accompanied by a viscose fabric with satin stripes that will follow you in every movement and will rock the garment when you walk. It has rounded strokes and a belt of the same fabric; both details framed “of a geometric living in green and metallic tones. As a final point, some light and subtle shoulder pads to frame the silhouette”, they explain from their website.

We also find patterned outfits, puffed shirts and jackets with that vintage touch that the businesswoman talked about so much, among other garments.

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